Ne' Michelle "Mike" Young   
[ Non-Playing Character ]

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Character Information
Name   Michelle "Mike" Evelyn Young
Rank   Ne'
Position   Observer
Gender   Female
Species   Bajoran
Age   38
Physical Appearance
Height   6’ 1”
Weight   215 lbs.
Eye Color   Brown
Hair Color   Black, Short
Physical Description   See attached picture, plus the TNG uniform and blue lab coat
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Positive, she will very rarely snap or yell at anyone, even when stressed. She only yells when someones actions will either endanger their life or her own.
Very easy to get along with. Can be with-held when first meeting new people, and she prefers to let her actions speak louder than her words.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Always focused on her job, which can be a bad thing
Open to new suggestions
Master Coup de vitesse
Be one of the first Human Doctors to be able to treat all major races withing the Federation and their allies
Hobbies & Interests
The study of the art of Samurai Swordplay
Continuing mastery of Coup de vitesse, a French Martial Art
Reading Old Earth Literature and other Novelia
Languages   English, Klingon, Romulan, Vulcan
Father   Unknown
Mother   Unknown
Brother(s)   Unknown
Sister(s)   Unknown
Spouse   None
Children   None
Other Family   Unknown
Mike remembers very little of her actual parents. She grew up in a orphanage with dozens of other children. She was the only Bajoran child among them. From an early age she seemed to have a natural aptitude for helping those who would get injured from the numerous fights amongst the other orphans. They also soon realized that not only was she kind, but she could handle herself when they decided to turn on her for helping those they had just beaten up.
When she was old enough, she signed up for Star Fleet Academy. She attended Star Fleet Academy for 8 years, during which she attended Medical School. Her first assignment was on board the USS Valiant a Defiant-Class escort as an Ensign in the Medical Bay. She impressed her immediate supervisor, Commander Nairobe, and their CO, Captain Augustus, and was promoted to Lieutenant (JG) was then transferred to the USS Armaranthine, were she served under Commander Jakobe and Captain Emmers. After serving on a the USS Amaranthine, Ambassador-class Heavy Cruiser as Assistant Medical Officer for several years, and proving her skills several times over through numerous different engagements during the Dominion War, Star Fleet deemed it necessary to provide her with some 'down time' from the front line, and assigned her to a the USS Nobel, an Olympic-class Hospital Ship as the Chief Medical Officer and was promoted permanently to Lieutenant, while given the acting Commander position while she was on board.


Service Record
Star Fleet Academy- 8 years
USS Valiant- AMO- Ensign
USS Amaranthine- AMO- Lieutenant (JG)
USS Nobel- CMO- Lieutenant


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