2nd Lieutenant Zorc Dat'oxo   
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Character Information
Name   Zorc Dat'oxo
Rank   2nd Lieutenant
Position   Observer
Gender   Male
Species   Klingon
Age   34
Physical Appearance
Height   6’ 4”
Weight   254 lbs.
Eye Color   Brown
Hair Color   Brown
Physical Description   Dat’oxo is what is called Battle ready in his physique, the muscle is not hindering to him and his strength is not questioned. His face is chiseled to an expression of impassive hunter, his eyes are penetrating.

He is never seen without a Bat’leth upon his back; Disruptor on his hip and d’k tahg on off hand side. He has two throwing knives, one in each boot.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Dat’oxo is a soft spoken man with a baratone voice, his temper seems slow as he believes to lose one’s temper is to lose a battle. A determined man in all he does, he has a fondness for the Sayings of the Warrior that guide his steps and recites them to make a point.

His life is more of knowing he has achieved the status of a warrior; it is said ‘he who acts quickly is not tempered by life and battle; the ‘Blooded Warrior’ knows when to strike. He would not hesitate to die for his crew and especially his Captain.
Strengths & Weaknesses
His strength is not only his physique but his depth of character; his determination to win and the tactical mind he had honed through combat.

His weakness is a good woman who can satisfy him, his lack of Diplomacy and the fact once he is enraged he sees only blood rage.
To serve the empire and his ship to his honorable Death is his goal in life and what drives him.
Hobbies & Interests
Meditation, Philosophy of War and women. The Master Duelist of Bat’Leth and other weapons through training.
Languages   Klingon, Cardassian, Ferengi , Orion
Father   Kor
Mother   Ish'ta
Other Family   Grandfather Warrior Zu'tor
Dat’oxo was born as an only Son, his father died in glorious Battle for the empire when Zorc after his test of Manhood and the Painsticks. He continued into service at his first oppurtunity; his Grandfather was an active warrior who defied all eneimies and gave his wisdom to Zorc as he had his father before him. The way of the Warrior was found in death; and Zorc accepted that before stepping on his first ship.

He fought in a Battle between Cardassian and Klingon after the Dominion War, he was on a scout then that was over powered. Only five were lost and the seven that remained fough on the ground with the other Survivors of the downed Cardqassian vessel. Seven Klingon versus 40 Cardassians; the pitch battle lasted three days and nights. Zorc was the youngest warrior on the ship , the Captain and Engineer were all left standing when Klingon Forces rescued them.

Zorc had made a name for songs and kept on the boarders, and into the badlands with ships destin to combat Orions and other pirates. The Federation vessels were not suited nor their crew blooded enough for such combat. The name of Zorc Dat’oxo was rising to honor through combat with dishonorable Pirates and thieves.

The battles were grand but his head for politics was not; he preferred to settle things one on one between warriors. Outside the Empire men had little honor and fewer worthy of combat, so he found he wanted a ship that would be filled with blooded warriors, those that understood Honor, thus to the IKC FHew as Security Chief.


Service Record
IKC Kor'loth as Marine
IKC Hoc'Tog as Deputy Commander Marines
IKC Torg Deputy Chief Security/ Marines XO


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