Database: Ulysses Fleet Cannon Ships

The ST:TNG Technical Manual (1991, Sternbach & Okuda) states there are 6 categories of star craft, and DS9 introduced a seventh. These categories may help potential COs decide which sort of vessel will suit their mission ideas.

Tanker: Fuel transport - any size, specifically carries refined deuterium and antimatter fuel. No current ships listed.

Escort: Small vessels which usually operate in teams to support a larger ship. Some may act independently, but this is rare. Includes fighters up to Defiant Class.

Scout: Fast response independent craft designed for recon, or quick tactical response. Able to act independently even in a Fleet situation. Includes Intrepid class.

Carriers: Cargo, Troop or Fighter transports are designed as support vessels, and rarely have much infrastructure to operate as a significant threat on their own. The exception is the Akira which has significant independent fire power. This includes Sabre, Freighters, Marine Assault craft, and the Akira.

Surveyors: Designed for long term independent recon, with minimal support. These are well supplied but usually lack heavy defences, sacrificing them in favour of advanced laboratories and specific sensor palettes, etc. They are seldom seen outside well defended space. Includes Nova, Olympic, Nebula (modified) and Oberth.

Cruiser: With the Borg and Dominion there has been a development of more military based vessels. These sacrifice some of the scientific capabilities in favour of back up shield generators and phaser batteries, etc. Includes, Cheyenne, Norway, New Orleans, Prometheus, Nebula (modified), etc.

Explorer: These vessels are the front line ships, designed to be capable in science, combat, diplomacy and anything else they are called upon to perform. They tend to be the largest ships in the fleet of contemporaries to accommodate all this capacity. Includes, Nebula, Galaxy, Sovereign, etc.

Some ships don't fall clearly into these categories (such as the Nebula), and may need to be discussed specifically.

A Windows application (v1.1.0) that provides stats on all current Cannon Vessels can be found at the link below. This is an authorised link provided by Thorin. Right click this link, download to your computer (it is a ZIP which contains an MSI and an EXE) and run the setup.exe.

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