Database: Lyan Phase Torpedo

The Lyan incorporate a Phasic generator onto their torpedo launchers. Prior to firing the Torpedoes are put out of phase. This allows them to move to any location unrestricted, effectively passing through enemy shields and armour until they reach a predetermined point and return to normal phase space. At this point they detonate as normal. By linking the device to a ship's navigation computer a careful predictive path can be plotted to deposit the explosive at a key point on an enemy ship, such as the Bridge or Engineering. This will effectively cripple or destroy a ship in a single shot. When they are out of phase they are not able to respond to normal phase conditions. Because of this Phase Torpedoes are not able to track as normal torpedoes do. Additionally their re-entry point must be pre-programmed into the firing solution before they are launched. This makes them practically useless against small moving targets, but devastating to planetary installations or larger, slower ships. Also, the nature of the Phase integration means only a single torpedo can be fired at a time from any launcher, unlike the usual spread of up to ten. The Phasic interlink can be deactivated at will, returning the launcher to normal function.

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