Database: Ranks within UF: A man who opened a door

The following are the list of 'Ranks' for members of UF. Note these are independent of Character rank and are based on performance and reputation within Ulysses Fleet forums and SIMMS and does not consider performance in the Rabbit hole.

This allows a standard player to become a Player of Credit without running SIMM, and a CO to receive distinction on their own even if their SIMM is struggling. Users standing as of 12/08/2011:

Users standing as of 21/06/2014:

Examples of how different Ranks may write a descriptive piece:

I walk to the door.
Player of Credit:
I walk to the door. I find it locked and need to think of another approach. Then I remember the override panel and use that instead.
Player of Distinction:
I move quickly to the kitchen door, stepping around the ruined furniture. When I reach the door I try the open panel, but there is no response. Cursing, I scan the room for another way out. Nothing presents itself until I remember that all Starfleet doors are fitted with manual overrides. I quickly locate the panel and pull it away. A quick swapping of chips and the door hisses open.
Player of High Distinction:
I haven't much time now. With the hissing of the atmosphere escaping through the window, I know it is only a matter of time before the window shatters under the pressure and empties everything into space. I hurry quickly for the door but within three step my legs get tangled with a chair I didn't see in the dark. I struggle to my feet and now moving, sweeping my hands and feet in front of me to avoid further collisions. My stretching fingers find the door finally, but there was no response from it. Was the power out? Had it been damaged?

I glanced around the room in desperation, looking for anything. There were no Jefferies tubes to this room, and the atmosphere vents were about 30cm square. What would my mentor Cmdr Roland do?

The override! Every Starfleet door has a manual over ride handle. I ran my hands over the panel next to the door till I found the slight rise indicating the access panel. Digging my fingers under it I managed to pull it away. Inside a faint light could be seen illuminating the isolinear chips. At least the door still had power.

The temperature was dropping rapidly now and my breath was becoming hard ragged gasps. As my extremities got colder and number it became harder to rearrange the data chips. Finally, as blue spots began to form in front of my eyes, there was a hiss and the door opened, flooding the room with fresh warm air. I fell out into the corridor.

At that moment the glass in the room gave way and the atmosphere began to empty into space. I lay flat on the floor, unable to do more than hang on, till the door closed and sealed automatically behind me.

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