Database: How does this Ulysses Fleet thing work then?

Stardate: There is a lot of ways stardate can be calculated, and no official way. I suggest that we start the actual date from 2380 (a year after Nemesis). The SIMMs engine creates stardates automatically, and without a way of regulating that better, I am happy to accept them as accurate. Note, though that they reset each year.

Starship classes: A list of Starship classes does exist within UF, as does a tool to allow you to do quick comparisons with potential enemy ships to see how your favourite ride would compare. A CO may introduce a new class of craft in their SIMM and even raise it for inclusion in teh Cannon, or it can be a one of anomaly (eg: “The Decar Class were a limited run armoured transport craft which was obsolete before the first five models were completed. Only two remain in active service”.) Ship stats are extrapolated from volumes like Okuda's DS9 Tech Manual.

Number of SIMMS: I don't see any need to restrict the number of characters a person has, but I would like to keep some level of activity going. I think a post a week is unreasonable. I have yet to be on a SIMM that managed that. However, I would like to see all Tags responded to within a week (excusing LOA), as this is the thing that tends to stall a SIMM.

Posting requirements: If a person has not responded to a TAG in a week (without prior notification) the CO should PM them on site. If this is a first offence, take no other action, but if this is a habit consider a Strike against the person. After a Second week of no communications, the CO should attempt to Email (not PM) or IM/Skype/SMS/phone/whatever the player. A strike should be issued in this case. After three weeks a second Strike should be issued and the Character should be considered NPC to be controlled by the CO or XO for the sake of continued motion of the SIM. 3 Strikes and the Character can permanently be made NPC or removed from the SIMM.

Player vs Character rankings: Writers don't have Starfleet ranks. It tends to make them pretentious and confuses the narrative. Writers are rewarded for Creativity, Character Development, Collaboration and Advancing the Story rather than hanging around a long time and sucking up to the people in charge (see the section on UF ranks for further details.)

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