Cloak and dagger
The Maego ship was boarded and destroyed by Klingons. Obviously they are sympathizers to the Kapular. Incensed the Maego will demand an account from the Klingons. The KDF will quickly discount the action of the FHew and blame the Federation, who are equally quick to distance themselves from any association. Without any evidence ot support them, it seems the only way to appease the Kapular is to banish the FHew and all of her crew. Even this may bring dishonour on the entire Klingon people.

Just when all is lost, help is offered from the most unexpected places. Access to the Captain's log, the black box and a full sensor account of the Fhew's activities and complete exoneration... all they have to do is run a little errand: deliver a Corporate plant into Maego Territory.

But there are members of the crew who would rather die than have any truck with the Corporation. The question is, at what price for their people. Will they allow their own pride to bring dishonour to the entire klingon race?

Mission Specifics
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