Operation Tourniquet
The Klingon fleet at Q’Tahl was devastated in the opening salvo of the Gorn’s declaration of war against the Klingon Empire. Though Klingon battle practice rarely leaves many ships able to limp away from battle, the size of the force gathered at Q’Tahl for wargames has resulted in a large number of vessels arriving at Tengchah 20 in need of repairs and medical
assistance, which is straining the capabilities of the space station.

The IKC FHew and USS Prospero are ordered to report to Tengchah 20 to provide the Klingons with whatever engineering and medical assistance that can be provided. Starbase 48 in orbit of Cestus III is standing by to transport additional supplies and personnel
as required.

As ordered by:
Rear Admiral Richard Gates, Chief of Fleet Operations, 11th Fleet

Mission Specifics
Start Date   Monday, December 14th, 2015 @ 03:44am
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