Alligences 1

While on a regular cargo run to the Ubatti world Tell, Jared and Haylegh go missing. Before Ro' and his crew can give chase they must deal with the allegation that they are smugglers, one of the most sever crimes amongst the Ubatti. Marie is left with a choice; does she renounce the crew and retain her freedom, or cast her lot once and for all in with the rest and risk jail time or worse? Meanwhile, who is the man from Tell's past who wants her enough to risk the wrath of the House Matlh? And who are the real pirates who carry the badge of House Matlh?

Mission Specifics
Start Date   Tuesday, May 4th, 2010 @ 07:57am
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06.22.10 @ 4:43am Dance Macabre Pt 2 Eredh Hay'legh
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