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Title   Promotions and posting
Category   Out of Character
Author   HoD Ro' Matlh
Posted   Wed Sep 29, 2010 @ 2:03am

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Hey all, I have some good news and some bad.

1) we are lossing Sogh'la HoS. Corrie is finding RL demands of study and work, et al is making it imposible to keep posting. HoS was a great character, and Ro' will miss his clarity of vision.

2) we may be getting a replacement straight away. Ed (our acting TGCO) is interested in exploring Klingon culture with a character of his own.

3) Our ship has been moved around the TG a lot but that is likely to end soon. With the retirement of Kyle as TF86 CO, Ed is now Acting CO, I am acting TF86 XO, and will be putting Joan as acting TG Proteus CO until BF decides to make those postings permanent.

4) TF86 as a whole is obviously making such a good impression that the Bravo Fleet CO has placed his Ship in our command fleet.

5) That being said, the FHew seems to be struggling, and I am not sure why. I fear this may be because people are unclear of the direction we are supposed to be going, so more on that soon. I am also aware that it may be because nearly EVERYONE in our ship has a Command of their own they need to focus on. Please don't let the Fhew die by being distracted elsewhere.

6) Now, there are a number of great opportunities coming up for people who want to try a new/different character (remember the 6 SIMM limit in Bravo-Fleet Bylaws). If you want more information on either of these contact the CO directly:
6a) The USS Jericho/USS Oberon (a Combat craft under command of Locky)
6b) The CS Princess Star 3 (a Civilian luxury liner with unique challenges commanded by Me)