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Title   New Missions
Category   Simm Announcement
Author   HoD Ro' Matlh
Posted   Thu Nov 21, 2013 @ 12:31am

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We are coming to the end of a long line of missions and I am looking for some fresh ideas. I have a story arc in mind, but would like to fill it out with some player ideas.

Our next mission is going to be a bit of a psychological one that will focus on Marie in particular, but pull out the characters of all of the cast in a uniquely different way. It will be a little like a TNG episode. I just need you to bear with me as it goes in quite an odd direction.

AS for suggestions for future missions, lets hear you ideas. We have two major villains, the Corporation (and a soon to be discovered aid in our battle with them) and the Nhilus (don't believe for a moment they are all gone). Or there is soon to be a war involving the Icthoids that we could be involved in. Perhaps becoming more embroiled in the Maego/Kapular war? And we always have options on Klingon/Romulan/Federation polotics, including building up the name of House Matlh.

I want to hear from you guys, what do you want to see more of? Which of the stories so far have you enjoyed the most? What parts of your character do you want to develop?