It has been two weeks

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Title   It has been two weeks
Category   General News
Author   HoD Ro' Matlh
Posted   Fri Apr 17, 2015 @ 2:03am

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It has been almost a fortnight since most people have logged into this site, so I am going to institute a few things in the hope that we can keep up some momentum.

1) Specific Goal tags: You will already have seen that there are specific goals and a general task for each of you in the header of the posts. This means if you do come back you can see what we are expecting of you at any given moment.

2) Streaming roles: There are some characters who are irregular posters (most notably Lochy and Paul are rarely posting more than once a week). I will try and stream activities so that the regular posters are given much more freedom to post without having to wait.

3) {Puppet}: if there has not been a response for a week I will place a {PING} next to a tag still waiting for response. IF it goes for an additional week I will {Puppet that character} while the owner is free to come back and re-write the actions in a way that is more in terms of their character's flavour (Alastair is good at this) they will not be able to alter the outcome. I would rather not do this as i would like all involved.

Can you all respond with a Private message so I know you are getting emails from the site and still interested.

Additionally, any of you who are on the Prometheus Station/Iapetus Colony, I am trying to get that moving again too. If you did not get an email from that site in the last few days can you let me know.