Combat Alert near Klingon/Gorn Border

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Title   Combat Alert near Klingon/Gorn Border
Category   Simm Announcement
Author   HoD Ro' Matlh
Posted   Mon Jan 11, 2016 @ 6:02am

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TO: 11th Fleet Commanding Officers and Staff
FROM: Rear Admiral Richard Gates, Chief of Fleet Operations
SUBJECT: Combat Alert near Klingon & Gorn Border Sectors

On Stardate 68824.2 (October 28th, 2391, Earth Calendar), 11th Fleet Command on Cestus III received a mayday simultaneously from the Klingon worlds of M'Char, B'rel and Q'tahl. Starships have been dispatched to provide aid, and have reported that the Klingon fleets were taken by surprise by a combined force of Gorn, Tzenkethi and Rhitorian ships. These three systems are currently under occupied control of the Gorn-led fleet, and the Klingon defenders have suffered heavy losses.

Under the terms of the Khitomer Accords, all Starfleet vessels in the region are ordered to respond to any calls for assistance from Klingon ships. Where the situation is deemed to be too hazardous for a single ship to provide assistance, reinforcements will be provided on order from 11th Fleet command. At present, Starfleet's standing orders are not to participate in any offensive actions outside of Klingon territory; Starfleet participation in counter-attack operations will be coordinated through my office, and will be limited to re-capturing occupied Klingon systems until the Federation Council determines our political stance to change.

Starfleet Command is highly concerned with the fact that the Gorn fleet, aside from operating on very accurate intelligence data of Klingon fleet positioning, also consists of ships from the Tzenkethi Coalition and the Rhitorian Confederacy. Additional reinforcements are to be sent to Starbase 332 and the 3rd Fleet is reinforcing our border posts near the Tzenkethi territory. All vessels have standing orders to determine how vessels from these powers were able to travel en-masse to the Gorn Hegemony without being detected. Starfleet believes that these craft must of passed through Federation territory to reach the Hegemony, as the excessively long transit times for the Tzenketh vessels in particular would make their alliance otherwise untenable. Any vessels and outposts operating near these powers are ordered to be on high alert to defend against any possible incursions into Federation territory. All Starfleet vessels and outposts near the Tzenketh, Rhitorian, Klingon or Gorn borders should maintain yellow alert as a minimum.

Further orders will be given as the situation progresses. Remain diligent and alert.

Rear Admiral Richard Gates, Chief of Fleet Operations