Lest we forget... – Finding a place
by HoD Ro' Matlh & Ne' Leah Vien

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Title   Finding a place
Mission   Lest we forget...
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh & Ne' Leah Vien
Posted   Sat Jul 17, 2010 @ 10:33am
Location   Ro's Quarters
Timeline   After Docking with DS7
Tag   Leah
Ro' was cleaning up the mess in his room. A crate of empty bottles by the door nearly tripped Leah up as she arrived. Ro' glanced up and dropped the weapon he was trying to fix back to the wall.

"Leah. It has not escaped my attention that we were many light years off course when we met those pirates. Also that the course deviation occured shortly after I began officer evaluation of the crew."

"I know these space lanes captain and I know the quickest route through them..."

"I know what you did... and it was comendable. You may well have saved the life of members of this crew, and, more importantly, restored to them some sense of honour. You have proved you could have a place on this crew if you want it."

Leah watched Ro for a moment. He might be brutish and tempermental but he had a code, and being direct over the lies from her previous crew was better to at least deal with. Truth be told she had no where far to go, this was a rare chance and more than she would get offered anywhere else at the moment. "I accept your offer, thank you. I would remind the captain my own experience with Federation ships has been avoiding them."

"You need to understand you will need to find a place to fit within the structure of this crew. Klingon ranks are different from Federation ships you are used to. The basic way of placing rank is by working out who will obey you, and who you need to obey. Be aware this may be a painful process, since Klingons are very direct in their insubordination as well as their assertion of their own rank."

"So here is how it is going to work. After the party the Mess hall will be a disgrace; Targ blood on the walls, broken furniture, and wasted food. It needs to be cleaned up. You are in charge of making that happen but it you do it all yourself then you will be a beq, the lowest amongst all my crew."

"There are four Marines, three other Beq, three Ne', a Lagh, a Sogh, and a Soghla'. Then there is Eredh Hay'legh and myself. I advise against trying to give either of us orders if you value your limbs and life."

"Do you understand what i am telling you to do?"

"Yes captain and it doesn't involve any more words" Leah stood for a minute till it was clear Ro had nothing further to speak of and made her way shortly back to the Targ cages. She didn't know much about Klingons but she had always had a gift for knowing how to act and what to say with strangers.

Ro'watched her go. This would be an interesting week. Perhaps he should get HIchop to requesition extra medical supplies from the Feds.