In the belly of the Whale – Getting under way
by HoD Ro' Matlh & Eredh Hay'legh & Sogh HoS Matlh & Soghla' HIchop Matlh & Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & Sogh Marla Varquis & Soghla' Marie St. Helene & Soghla' Jared

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Title   Getting under way
Mission   In the belly of the Whale
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh & Eredh Hay'legh & Sogh HoS Matlh & Soghla' HIchop Matlh & Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & Sogh Marla Varquis & Soghla' Marie St. Helene & Soghla' Jared
Posted   Wed Feb 10, 2010 @ 11:03pm
Location   Bridge
Timeline   Departure
Hod Ro' stormed up the ganway at the back of the cargo deck. If he had been a cartoon character he would have thunder clouds and lightning over his head. He marched straight to the bridge where Hay'legh was still waiting.

"The Federation Dogs are going to war, and we are not invited," he bellowed with enough force to shake the bridge monitors. "Aparently the Chief of Security on this station think the Klingons are a treacherous bunch without honour. If she were not under protection of my own house I would but her like Bergit and let her watch me break her spine."

“I wonder where they would have gotten that idea from?” Hay’legh said sarcastically as DoH Ro' collapsed into his seat.

"Well, we will not stay here to be insulted. Get the crew back on the ship! We get underway in an hour. Anyone who is not on board stays behind. That goes for any would be passengers and cargo as well."

“Our guests should be arriving within the next 30 minutes and you should be aware that the Bajoran Ambassador will be expecting you as the Captain to greet him when he arrives.” Hay’legh tried not to smile. “And please remember that greeting a Bajoran Ambassador does not involve maiming or killing them – no matter how much you would like to.”

Ro' growled but replied, "Fine. I have met Ambassadors before." He shot the Xo a smile, "Most of them survived."

"This one is paying us, so make sure they do," Hay'Legh calmly replied

Ro' smile deepened, "Don't worry. They paid in advance."

Jared arrived within fifteen minutes, dragging a sizeable trunk behind him.

"I managed to get us some lab equipment," he said to the warrior on guard at the airlock. "Some tricorders, a mass spectrometer, an isotropic scanner... I know you're not really listening, but I felt like I should tell someone. I'll be setting up shop in the back corner of the cargo-bay if anyone needs me. Let me know when the captain wants us on the bridge."

The Cloak Room doors slide open and HoS strides through with the air of someone who has been doing laps of the ship. He resumes his position at his station by dislodging the current occupant. He gives a cursory nod to Ro'. The previous encumbent removes himself from the floor and moves out of the way. HoS resumes work reviewing the weapons array.

Marie sauntered insolantly onto the bridge. Half way across she bent as if to adjust her boot. She made sure Hlchop Matlh got a good view of her arse. She enjoyed baiting the medic because he had such a pronounced inferiority complex. It wasn’t great sport – he was too easy for that – but it helped pass the time.

She rose and gave him a wink over her shoulder then moved across to the captain’s chair. “All goods are stowed, HoD Matlh,” she said. There was nothing of military bearing or respect for due authority in the tone of her voice.

Ro' nodded, "We need to convert half of the cargo hold into guest quarters for a Romulan and a Bajoran. If we don't have bed rolls you have 30 minutes to get some."

“Oh, aye,” Marie replied sarcastically. “Nice of you to inform me before we depart. You could have made it a bit earlier though! And where do you propose I get them from? If you got the replicator fixed I might be able to conjure up something. Short of that.... As for space in the cargo case you’ve forgotten, you gave me a substantial shopping list. I’ve stowed it all away and there it will stay. I’m a Quartermaster; if you want someone to babysit your guests, I suggest you inform our diplomatic corps.”

Ro' looked at Marie and smiled, "Congratulations, beq, you are being promoted. You are now head of our diplomatic corps for this trip. Find them a room that isn't mine."

YI' meQ,” Marie spat. “I will not...I repeat..not, babysit your passengers. If you want someone to mollycoddle them...find someone who cares.”

Ro's hand shot out and caught Marie by the throat and lifted her with one arm from the floor. "You are either a member of my crew, which means you follow my orders without challenge till you are ready to fight me to the death, or you are not, in which case you are taking up space from warriors who will work. I will not repeat the order. You have 25 minutes to house our 'guests' or get off my ship. Just nod if you understand me."

Marie felt her feet part company with the decking. She fought down the urge to kick and struggle; she would not give Matlh that satisfaction. She knew her position to be precarious but she was not about to play his games. There were better ways of dealing with this situation than a fight to the death, especially when it would almost certainly be her own death. She did not hold to the old Klingon adage Today is a good day to die. To Marie St. Helene, no day was a good day to die!

“I repeat,” she said slowly to make sure he understood. “I am a quartermaster, not a housemaid. Kill me if you want but where are you going to find another quartermaster before you leave – especially one with my talent for procuring what you need?”

Ro' snarled, "I didn't ASK you to baby sit. I TOLD you to get them sleeping gear and space."

“I do have a suggestion on how we can find some space,” she offered. “We can jettison all the garh and racht I stored for you - you know, the special stuff you keep for yourself. That should make enough space to fit a whole flock of diplomats! While we’re at it, we might as well get rid of the grapok sauce too – we won’t be needing it. Better yet, I’ll sell it. It’s top quality merchandise – I could make a tidy profit on it. It’d help supplement the pitiful pay you fork over.”

Ro' dropped her to the floor, and nodded, "Sell the grapok, and store the racht with Haqtaj. We can pick it up on our return."

OK, you got away with that one, she thought, don’t count on it happening again.. “Actually, HoD Matlh,” she said in her most obsequious tone, “with a bit of constructive organising, I might just be able to save not only the grapok sauce but the gagh and racht as well. You don’t want your aunt to have it – not having spent all that money to obtain such quality goods all for yourself – there wouldn’t be any left by the time we returned.. There would have to be a sacrifice – to clear the space you’d have to put it all into general rations – all that fresh produce would go off and we wouldn’t want it to spoil, would we? Think of it this way, you’ll look like a really benevolent captain – or is that un-Klingon? Even so, it might be a tight squeeze but I think I can fit your guests in. After all, how much room does a Romulan need?

Ro' nods, and as Marie hurries off the bridge Hay'legh moves to follow her but Ro' stopped her, "We let her live, this time. If she tries it again you can shoot her in the leg. It won't stop her doing her job."

Hay'Legh stared after the Quartermaster. Such blantant insubordination in front of fellow crew would not have been tolerated on a Rihannsu vessel. But this was not a Rihannsu vessel. "Yes DoH Ro'. Though if she tries it again I suggest we do more than shoot her in the leg."

Ro' looks at her furriously, "Does anyone else want to tell me they disagree with my decisions. Why not make this a democracy? In fact why don't we just sit around and sing a happy human song. OR why don't you all SHUT UP AND DO YOUR JOBS!"

Tell (Terri) was in a foul mood as she made her way back to the ship. She was cursing under her breath. The wrong dam relays had arrived and she hadn't realised until she got them into the cargo hold. That meant giving some one a rollicking, of which she enjoyed, and arranging for them to go back. Then a further two hour wait for them but she made sure they were the right ones this time. She wouldn't be forgotten in a hurry and she so needed some strong coffee.

She was still muttering when she entered the Bridge. Tell hoped they wouldn't be to long she had a lot of work to do.

'Engineering supplies stowed away Captain,' she informed Ro'.

Ro' nodded, "When we are in the air you and Marla can fix the lights."

Marla walked onto the ship, and into her room waiting for someone to summon her. She pulled out her copy of 'Romeo and Juliet' in Klingon.

Tell walked over to her station on the bridge. She ran her fingers over the controls checking that everything in engineering was in pre flight order. She also noticed that Marla had also come on board the FHew and that she was needed here as well.

,'. Tell to Marla ,'. she called over the comm ,'. please report to the bridge ,'.

Hichop gets back to the ship 40 min after he received the call to return. As he arrives he noted that the medical gear was already on board. ‘Nurse Vrell is very efficient’ he thought to himself still a little unsure as to how she could have got the items together and had them delivered within 10 min. Hichop simply had never worked in a well maintained and stocked Federation medical facility. There was equipment he would have never thought of using. Helen had also included a pad that included detailed information on the inventory. If he didn’t know what he had he would soon. The real question was where to put it. The ship was overstocked already. He surmised that his quarters would now become the cargo hold for medical. Still as long as he had a bed to sleep on and a way to the door it didn't bother him.