Lest we forget... – The Compound and inside
by HoD Ro' Matlh & Ne' Leah Vien & Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & Soghla' Jared & Soghla' HIchop Matlh & Eredh Hay'legh

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Title   The Compound and inside
Mission   Lest we forget...
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh & Ne' Leah Vien & Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & Soghla' Jared & Soghla' HIchop Matlh & Eredh Hay'legh
Posted   Thu Sep 30, 2010 @ 12:57am
Location   INformation only
This is a quick post to thrash out ideas and questions so you can do some posts of your own and we can keep things that are found consistent between the groups.

The Lander is of a type used by Proto-Vulcans, back when they were a violent and emotional race bent on conquest of this planet. The drives systems are very advanced for their age, but nothing compared to modern times. They don't even have Warp capability and would struggle to maintain more than Half Impulse. Instead they are designed to fit into one of the larger orbital craft for transport then deployment. They carry no weaponry worth considering (a few lasers for close engagements) but have a strong set of tractor beam emitters fitted to the nose for grappling, and powerful shield generators (burnt out, or depleted of power by now, but repairable). The hull is heavily reinforced and would challenge even modern phasers and disruptors small than a type 7. They open on both sides, as well as at the front. The sides house small vehicle bays, and the front is for troop transport. They could easily carry a hundred men and vehicles on a single Lander.

The vehicles built into the Lander are of two kinds. There are small fast, one man craft, which one rides like a hover bike. They are difficult to steer and near impossible to stop. They are designed to fly toward the enemy at breakneck speeds in the hope of closing the gap before the enemy can get a shot off. They are covered in blades so the rider can cut down opponents and drive along trenches carving up their enemy.

The second type of vehicle is a flat tray on heavy wheels, which a dozen or so men can stand, protected by a low roof. It is also designed for speed, while providing a little more cover to the passengers, who can in turn fire out through thin windows. The vehicle has only light armour, but has lines of spikes on the body and tires, to allow it to run over most enemies and terrain till it reaches a place where its passengers can disembark and join the fight.

The uniforms of the crew (now scattered on the ground after their occupants 'vanished' from inside them) are of a very light but sturdy fabric, similar to modern Romulan uniforms. the shoulders, elbows, knees, etc carry spikes or blades. They are designed to allow the user to move fast and light while providing significant psychological stress on an enemy being charged. They provide less protection than Klingon armour, but more than Romulan.

The weapons carried are mostly rifle type phasers, but very early design. They are augmented with blades and spike so they can double as a hand-to-hand weapon. Few of these weapons have even been fired, but even so the power packs have depleted after 2000+years of neglect. These would be no good in a real army any more, but might be useful as trophies, museum pieces, or for a developing world to use (remembering that the Klingons have no Prime Directive).

The Nephilim are a different story. 3m tall but designed to be worn by a single person they are covered in heavy armour plates of a light but strong metal none but Jared would recognise. They mount rocket silos on each shoulder and a battery of solid projectile cannons on each arm, as well as a flame caster for close engagements. They are not fast, designed to get into place and hold the line indefinitely. Although empty and heavily damaged there may be enough salvageable to repair one or two, or at the very least reverse engineer the concept and redesign it using modern materials. The munitions of most of the units are all but depleted, since the invaders were able to get past them. Their still carry power however and if someone can work out how to drive it, they could walk it up into the hold. Otherwise it is going to be hours with a cutting torch and then tractor beam because these things weigh around 5 tons fully loaded.

Around the Lander are a number of quickly erected Barricade defences put up by the people of Miletus. The armour and weapons by the defenders is very different to the Proto-Vulcans. Where the Vulcans have gone for speed and aggression, the defenders have solid protection and immovability in mind. Their armour is heavily plated and sealed against harsh environments and gasses. It would comfortably fit a human and the robotic assisted servos in the limbs will aid with lifting and carrying as much as they must have helped in fighting.

The weapons are all designed to force an opponent back, so as well as heavy projectile riffles and flame casters there are force beams (presumably for dismounting people on those bikes), Stun grenades, and number of hoses that would have been used to spray a sticky retardant over an area and opponent, if the mix hadn't dried up centuries ago.

NOTE: The Miletians were telepathic, and if someone puts on the battle armour or Nephilim suit they will experience flash backs from the battle at a later part in this episode. Obviously this will not be realised initially. Thus I would like Tell at the very least to find an excuse to don the armour. Perhaps the doors are keyed to open when someone in this armour approaches? Or maybe just for warmth. It is VERY cold (-40 C).

The corridors inside the complex are littered with gear dropped when people were either killed or 'vanished'. There will be signs of fighting, suck as blade scrapes and weapons scorching on the walls. Armour and equipment of both types will be found through the corridors.

The technology it self is very advanced for the era, but a little TOS by modern comparison. Doors have no handles and are all blast sealed until opened by Tell or Jared. There will be mountings for automated sentries in the roof, but only a few are deployed near the entrance, and they are broken, probably during the fight. Power levels through the base are minimal. The station relies on Solar energy and the Miletus sun has gone from a warm yellow to a dull red in the last 2000+ years so most systems have shut down to conserve power.

Any questions?

Nephilim. Not Nephilum. :) -Lochy

OOC: Would the uniforms still be there? I would have thought they would be rotted away after 2000+ years.

The fabric is plastic based and very resilient. there is also no bacterial life so they will not 'rot' initially. Now that the F'Hew crew have re-introduced bacteria they will probably rot away very fast but not within a day.

OOC: Tell does the armour fit all as I am only small.
OOC: It is a fully enclosed set of metal plates (like giants scales) and as such can re-adjust itself to the wearers frame provided they are roughly human sized. I will do a write up on putting the armour on when it comes to it. There is another shock in store there.

OOC Leah: Time may be a factor and I think I would more focus on the practical, is there a way of collecting power reserves from everything mentioned? This would be more of Tell's field but they might need all the juice they can get to run things for a while and find out more down there.

They Proto-Vulcan power cells on weaponry is functional, but no where near as efficient as the power packs in a modern disruptor. The bikes and raider vehicles have run dry from being on hot standby for so long. It may be possible to refuel them, but not get power out. The Lander craft have engines similar to RCS thrusters and could be milked for their fuel.

The Nephilim and ground defences are all solar powered. The defenders battle armour is still active but what it is is unclear and difficult to get to. The Attackers station is powered, but the source is unclear till you look around. The space ships in orbit use different power types, but you can't access them at present.

Remember you are also looking for things that you could sell on for historic/scientific purposes. Anything that can be traded will make profit which can be used to build ships, etc.

OOC: Note to all; the Armoured suit that crawl over you are not Nephilum. The body suits are like a second (bulky) skin (cf http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whwhHV99Hms&feature=related), but the Nephilum are more like the combat suits from Matrix 3 (cf http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUQqlwgmfqs)