Operation Foxtrot Uniform – Job application
by HoD Ro' Matlh & Soghla' Jared

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Title   Job application
Mission   Operation Foxtrot Uniform
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh & Soghla' Jared
Posted   Mon Nov 29, 2010 @ 11:18pm
Location   Ro's Quarters
Timeline   30 minutes before departure
The weaponry clattered on the table. One of the disruptors slipped and fell to the floor, but neither Ro' nor the young warrior who had carried them stooped to retrieve it. Ro' watched the figure. He was bloodied, but not badly. It looked like he had got into a fight and then gone and put on his uniform armour afterwards. The face was clearly Matlh, though he could not pick who exactly.

“NuqneH? NuHvam choSuq vIqawbe’ qatlhob.” [I do not remember ordering extra disruptor pistols. What do you want?]

The warrior stood straight and tall.

“Vav-IoDnI’oy Ro’ Matlh, HoSwIj toy’wIj ‘IwIj qanobeH DujlI’vaD.” [Uncle Ro' Matlh, I offer my strength, my service, and my blood to you and your ship.]

“JIH May’bel Matlh’e’, HoSro’vo’ ‘ej DISuvrupmeh cholajchugh.” [I am May'bel Matlh, son of HoSro', and I stand ready to fight for you, if you will have me.]

He nodded at the disruptors.

“TevmeywIj’vam yoHwI’ qanob qamatlhmo’. Je vam.” [I offer these trophies of courage in token of loyalty. And this.]

He placed a bottle of bloodwine on the table. 2314 vintage.

Ro' grabbed up the bottle and looked at it. An very acceptable vintage. Not gold-pressed latinum, but gold quality at least. Then glanced down at the Disruptors. They were clean. Obviously the previous owners had not been Klingon. Most likely Human.

"May'bel Matlh. How is your English?"

May'Bel shrugged.

"Fluent, with an accent. We've seen a lot of human traders around House Matlh recently."

"Last time I saw you, you were three years old, clinging to the back of a Targ twice your size."

May'Bel laughed, "My mother still grinds her teeth when your name is mentioned. I think she's still furious at you for throwing me into the pit. But whenever she complains my father just grunts and says 'He beat it, didn't he?'"

Ro' smiled, "Good times."

He placed the bottle of blood wine safely out of reach, "I assume Jared offered you the job already? You know how it works. Find yourself a Rank. You can bunk down with YIghegh and HIchop. We ship out in half an hour."

He turned his back to May'bel, the matter settled. After a moment he noticed the Beq still standing there. "Was there something else?"

"Just one more thing..."

As Ro' faced in the other direction, May'Bel reached behind his back and drew a Tajtiq with each hand - the long blades making no noise against their soft leather sheathes. Without warning, he placed a boot up on Ro's desk and pounced at the aged warrior - weapons out and ready to stab.

Ro' spun as the younger warrior sailed through the air towards him. Moving like a snake,
he caught his opponent's wrist midair, twisting him over onto his back and then pushing him upwards so his momentum carried him into the wall behind.

May'bel hit the wall head first and landed awkwardly, stunned by the impact and loosing grip on one of the weapons. Ro grabbed the other arm and twisted, forcing him to release the second weapon. They he seized the younger warrior by the throat, lifted him, and slammed him down on his back on top of the desk. He casually drew his D'k tahg and rested the point against May'bel's throat.

By the time May'Bel could focus again, he found himself disarmed and at Ro's mercy.

Ro' looked at him impassively.

"Trying for an early captaincy, May'bel?"

May'bel coughed, unalarmed,"Not at all. I'm going to hunt rank from the bottom up. Just thought I'd put the legend to the test."

Ro' looked at him with one eyebrow raised.

Then he laughed, hard.

After a moment, May'bel joined in. Coughing a little.