Allegiances 2 – Ping!
by HoD Ro' Matlh & Soghla' Jared & Ne' Leah Vien & Eredh Hay'legh & Soghla' HIchop Matlh & Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & Sogh Marla Varquis & Soghla' Marie St. Helene

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Title   Ping!
Mission   Allegiances 2
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh & Soghla' Jared & Ne' Leah Vien & Eredh Hay'legh & Soghla' HIchop Matlh & Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & Sogh Marla Varquis & Soghla' Marie St. Helene
Posted   Fri Apr 15, 2011 @ 12:55pm
Location   Fhew Bridge
Timeline   During the search
Hay'legh had taken May'bel, Marla and HIchop to the transporter room. That left Leah on Helm, Jared on Tactical and Tell in engineering . Ro stood by the empty sensor display. On a Klingon ship even the Captain would be expected to pitch in. A change in the tone of the panel drew his attention.

"We have them," He told the room at large, "Bearing 320, mark 12. They are travelling at low Warp. They obviously have more planned. Leah, Take us to within 80,000 kellicams. Jared, you know why there is not a Klingon at Tactics right now. Tell, What is the status of our power? Are we running silent?"

"Silent enough." the engineer replied walking back onto the bridge and wiping her oily hands on a rag."Just don't make any sudden loud noises or rapid course changes. I'd suggest taking your Klingon boots off to hide the noise but I couldn't near the smell." A small grin appeared at the thought of that. "I've diverted the spare power to the engine so she is running 'sweet' now. All other systems are on minimal including life support which is just enough just to keep us alive. Other than that were as quiet as the grave." Tell took up her station and kept an eye on things there even though she would rather be in engineering.

Meanwhile in the transporter room Haylegh was addressing her team. Each was armed with the large bladed weapon of their choice and a disruptor rifle. When the signal came they all beamed aboard the Warbird. It was a tense wait for the crew sitting under the invisible wing of such a large and dangerous craft without weapons or shields.

Eventually the signal came for them to return. Only the three Klingons arived though. When they arrived on the bridge, Ro' demanded a report.

HIchop spoke for the group, "We boarded the vessel easily. With Hay'legh in her Romulan Tal'Shiar uniform, most Romulans simply let her past. One even told us where we could find the commander. It wasn't until we reached his deck that we meat any real resistance."

May'bel scoffed at the idea that the resistance they had overcome so easily was worth considering.

HIchop continued, "The Commander was in his room. Hay'legh was all for gutting him on site. Apparently there is an old feud between them. She held off for long enough for us to question him about his actions."

"And?" Ro' demanded.

"Apparently the Engineer in question was the Federation expert in Phase technology. The Romulans believe the Federation are conducting secret research into Phase cloak technology and a secret base in this system. They destroyed the shuttle to stop the research, but wanted witnesses, so people would ask questions and the secret base would be discovered. The Federation are in the middle of delicate negotiations with the Romulans about their first possible peace treaty. If it were to be discovered that the Federation was not honouring the terms of the Treaty of Algeron it would significantly hamper these efforts."

"And where is Hay'legh now?" Ro' demanded.

"After killing the commander, she took control of the vessel. She is changing the transponder codes and returning to Romulan space for her own investigation. She could not tell us how long that would take."

Ro' considered for a while then said quietly to Leah who was on the Helm, "Take us away from here while I consider what to do. We have no trety with the Federation banning research into cloak technology, but a Phase cloak would be a considerable tactical advantage, should they choose to use it against us. Perhaps we should go and see for ourselves."