Allegiances 4 – Setting out
by HoD Ro' Matlh & Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope

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Title   Setting out
Mission   Allegiances 4
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh & Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope
Posted   Sat Aug 20, 2011 @ 1:58pm
Location   Morgathi Trader
Timeline   The next day
The housing was badly damaged. Tell tried very hard not to notice there were a lot of blood stains around, mostly on the tools. It took all of 12 hours to get the housing reshaped and reseated but that gave the Morgathi a chance to load many crates into their hull.

When she came out of engineering wiping her hands on a rag the two, who turned out to be brothers were discussing excitedly.

"Apparently they are so desperate for the stuff they gave it to me at half price, and there is a Bonus if we can get it to them in two days!"

"Two days? We'd be pushing at Warp 6. the engines won't take that."

"It's fine, all fixed," the engineer replied. "She's running sweet for now, as long as you don't push the engine too fast and too soon. We'll get there."

The brothers jumped again at your approach, "Well, we are all stocked. shall we head out?"

"May as well," Tell informed them. "I'll be in the engine room if you need me."

Two days later

Gorath gripped the console as hard as he could peering through the billowing smoke, "We are approaching the coordinates. Drop us out of Warp!"

Begwan wrestled the controls and the ship lurched and juddered as it began to collapse its field. As soon as the dropped to impulse the burning smell from the Life support stopped.

Tell growled, "I have to coolant back, but we have lost all the relays on the port side."

Gorath growled, "Just get the comms back. I want to offload this stuff as soon as we can."

Begwan swapped stations and began to route power out of the IDF and back to the Comms.

A short while later a ship appeared on the sensors. Tell could see it was a Nausican Cruiser. More than a match for a B'rel, unless of course it was one being captained by Ro'. It came within range and Begwan hailed them. A Nausican's face appeared on the screen.

"We are here with your supplies. We are ready to transport as soon as you have the payment chit."

The Nausican simply said, "You will wait," then cut the line.

Gorath shook his head, "We never had to wait before. I don't like this. Tell, go and make sure the supplies are ready to go."

"On my way," she replied.

Once she got to the hold she moved inside to give a visual inspection of the crates. All of them were in place except for one which had been knocked off the stack when a conduit near it had ruptured. She picked up some Gravity Reduction Hooks and moved to the crate. She clicked them into place. They gave a very hollow sound.

With a frown Tell pulled the hooks off and gave the crate an experimental push. It moved too easily. She pulled at the lid and looked inside.


She moved to another. Empty. Three more all came up empty. No wonder the Morgathi had got them so cheap. But why the rush to get them here?

It wasn't the first time she had wondered what was going on. If the Nausicans found out about the empty crates, God knows what would happen. She only hoped that the FHew wasn't too far behind she had no intention of being spaced.