In the belly of the Whale – How are they shooting us?
by Soghla' Jared & HoD Ro' Matlh & Sogh Marla Varquis & Soghla' HIchop Matlh & Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope

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Title   How are they shooting us?
Mission   In the belly of the Whale
Author(s)   Soghla' Jared & HoD Ro' Matlh & Sogh Marla Varquis & Soghla' HIchop Matlh & Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope
Posted   Sun Mar 14, 2010 @ 10:51am
Location   The Hold
Timeline   During the Galor attack
Jared sprinted along the boom corridor, and then rounded quickly to run down the stairs. Other races always drew comparisons between the his race and some kind of rodent or fast primate when they ran. Jared never took it personally. Whatever his race was descended from was probably so long extinct that there was nothing they could rightly be compared to.

Besides. It was probably just the tail giving them that impression.

He leapt the last few steps of the stairway, and hit the bottom deck running. As he charged in to the hold, one of the diplomats caught sight of him. Anor, the Bajoran was rifling through the piles of boxes obviously looking for something. He nods his head towards the noise.

"Nothing to worry about!" Jared assured the alarmed Diplomat, as he leapt on top of a metal crate. "Just a little turbulence. Of the... diplomatic kind."

Another weapon impact shook the hold violently, knocking over more crates and sending Jared tumbling down the gap between two of them, and putting out the lights.

"Nothing to concern yourself about," his muffled voice came from the dark space. "The FHew's weathered far worse than this!"

They're aiming at the same region, Jared thought to himself. Either they're trying to knock out the impulse engines, or there's something odd going on.

He pushed himself back out of the space, legs first. After a moment, he felt his legs grabbed and pulled. The Romulan merchant, Dimok, had seized him and hauled him out. The Merchant was using a torch, the only light left in the cargo hold. Something did smell like it was burning though.

"Thank you!" he said with a smile, getting to his feet and taking the torch. He quickly scanned the crates. The one he wanted now had a rather larger crate on top of it.

"Could you help me move this?"

He and the Romulan heaved the larger crate off, and then pulled the lid open on the one underneath. Jared grimaced at the mess inside. Some of these instruments were going to need some repair work.

He grabbed a hand torch and a Federation tricorder out of the box and flicked it open. At least that was working. Unfortunately, scanning the ship for anomalies with this thing was going to take a little...

...hello. That wasn't right!

Jared walked over to the rearmost wall of the cargo bay, holding out the tricorder.

After a moment, he tapped his communicator.

,', Jared to Marla! Would the Cloak suppress Nucleonic radiation above a level of 350 millirads? ,',

"No, not at that magnitude."

Jared tapped a few more keys on the tricorder, frowning. He tapped his communicator again.

,', Jared to HoD Ro! I think we've been tagged! ,',

Ro' was clutching the arms of his chair, "How did they... Hideki. That last shot of theirs wasn't suposed to do us damage."

HoS snarled, "It didn't make sense such a small ship trying to threaten us."

,'. Jared. Can you remove the tag? I don't care if you have to climb out the rear lock and scrape it off. I need my cloak working ,'.

Jared laughed nervously.

,'. Funny you should ask that. The tagged surface seems to be only a couple of square metres, and only a couple of mill deep. I can easily rig a disrupter to vaporise the affected hull, but someone's going to have to go out there and do the work in an EVA suit. WHILE the Cardassians are trying to aim right at that spot. ,'.

Tell had come in with her equipment she was ready to go out there if needed.

Ro's voice came back. ,'. Let me know when you are back inside ,'.

Jared sighed.

"Except I don't use guns," he said, aware the point was moot.

Dimok tapped him on the shoulder, "Should someone do something about him?"

Jared followed the pointing finger to a pile of fallen crates. Underneath it were Anor's legs and a slowly spreading pool of dark liquid.

"Oh, heck! Yes! That's not good!"

He leapt over to the pile and started pulling crates off.

,'. Hlchop! We're going to need to down in the cargo bay! And bring some tools to... fix... Bajorans. ,'.

Hichop grabbed a bag he had been working on for just such an emergency and headed to the Cargo bay.