New Blood – Jason's choice
by HoD Ro' Matlh & Ensign Jason Hawk

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Title   Jason's choice
Mission   New Blood
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh & Ensign Jason Hawk
Posted   Tue May 29, 2012 @ 4:37am
Location   Ro's quarters
Timeline   Day 7 of 7
Jason thought he had got aboard without being noticed, but as he stepped out of his room again he saw Ro' standing at the end of the corridor watching him.

"Hawk!" He bellowed. "My room, now!"

Jason sighed. "What could I possibly have done now?" He mumbled to himself as he trudged to the HoD's quarters.

Ro's room was considerably neater than the last time Hawk had visited it, but given that had been after nose diving a planet it could hardly have been worse. Ro' himself was standing next to the communications screen which was displaying the image of Admiral Vloc Cann.

"Ah, there you are, Mr Hawk." Vloc began without prelude. "I could not reach you at the consulate, so assumed you would be returning here."

Ro' growled and turned on the young Ensign, "Is what he says true? You have been suspended for helping me in the fight against Coq?"

"Yes sir it is... apparently I was not supposed to get involved in the internal affairs of the Klingon Empire or House Malth...." Jason said heavily.

Ro' ground his teeth. It was of course perfectly true, and if Ro' had been asked if he wanted Federation involvement he would have refused it. It was just typical of Starfleet to tie everyone so tight in red tape that they would hang themselves.

Vloc continued, "I have read your report in fine detail and Starfleet command believes that your actions were understandable under the circumstances. There will not be any action taken against you, and unless the Klingon Government wants to file for some sort of investigation or further action, we can assume this matter is closed. You are reinstated to full Ensign status, with all the rights and responsibilities associated with that."

"Yes sir, thank you sir...." Jason said shortly then turned to walk out but was stopped by Vloc once again.

"I am not finished, Ensign. While it is confirmed that your actions were not in error, it seems that such a close involvement with a Klingon crew will inherently lead to involvement in the politics of the Klingons on board. We do not wish to risk the same level of entanglement experienced by Worf and Picard that led to civil war. As such we are suspending the officer exchange program until a time when a less... integrated approach can be developed."

"What exactly does that mean, sir?" Jason asked confused.

"What that means, Ensign, is that you are hear by recalled to Federation space for reassignment. The USS Surprise is due for launch in the next few days. I would like you to be on her. Official orders will be waiting for you at the consulate. They will arrange for transport for you back here to Prometheus Station."

"And if I do not wish to go?" Jason asked sounding thoroughly annoyed.

Vloc and Ro' were both obviously surprised by the reply. Vloc raised an eyebrow, "I am not sure if I was clear, ensign. Your orders are to return to the consulate for transport to Prometheus station and then reassignment to the USS Surprise. Are you asking me the consequences for disobeying orders?"

Ro' was studying the human closely, but said nothing for now.

"I was asking what would happen if I chose to stay here... with the HoD's permission of course." Jason said slowly and clearly so there was no chance his words would be mistaken.

Vloc considered a reply, but before he could answer Ro' held up his hand, "Give me a moment, Admiral."

He pressed the mute button and turned to Jason, "What are you doing, boy? You are risking your career and breaking an oath to your superiors and your people. How can I have an oath breaker as part of my crew? What are you thinking?"

Jason looked at Ro'. "Can I speak freely?" He asked after a moments thought.

Ro' considered. This was always a dangerous request from Jason, but he decided to let it go. He gave a simple nod of ascent.

"First off... if I resign I am not breaking my oath... second, you need the best pilot you can get and that's me... besides I feel I have a duty and an obligation to this crew... I can do some good here... I can be of use here/i>. On a Starfleet ship I wouldn't have anything to do... a targ could pilot a fleet ship...." Jason said quickly.

Ro' considered. He was used to his own people giving up their lives for him in battle. It was expected. But this was an alien, a human.

Ro' pressed the button to un-mute the comms, "Admiral. I am about to embark on a patrol for the Federation. I have a number of Humans on my crew, but none with the experience a Starfleet officer has with this area of space, or Starfleet protocols."

Vloc shook his head, "I understand, but we cannot accept the responsibility of the effects a Starfleet officer could have. He has already aided in the political change of your family, and the Council itself."

Ro' nodded, "Agreed. It could not be a Starfleet officer. However, perhaps you could find an ex-Starfleet officer who has up to date knowledge of Starfleet procedures and practices who could be permitted to act on their own recognisance as a civilian mission advisor?"

Vloc looked off screen for a moment, "I know of no one who fits that description, who has not already taken employment elsewhere."

Jason looked at the Admiral, took off his combadge and set it on Ro's desk. "I hereby resign my commission."

Vloc looked at the pair, a hundred or more light years away. He sighed, "I see."

He looked off screen again. After a moment he looked back, "We are not able to accept your resignation at this time, Ensign."

"Since when? I am perfectly within my rights to resign!" Jason said outraged.

"Incorrect. I am hear by placing this matter under review. You will have three months to find new evidence to support the continuation of your presence in the KDF. At the end of that time any evidence you present will be considered. However, if Starfleet does not support your decision you will be free to resign. Once that is done however, we cannot allow you to serve on a KDF ship. Your tactical knowledge is to much of an asset to risk falling into the wrong hands. Do you understand me, Ensign? Three months to find a reason to stay, or you WILL be recalled."

"Or what? You'll have me killed?" Jason scoffed. "I thought Starfleet was above such things...."

Vloc leaned forwards, "Ensign, please do not forget your position. You are fresh out of the accademy, armed with our most up to date anti-Borg tactical training. By your own admission you were recently put into direct threat of assimilation. If this had happened we would have had to scrap everything we have been working on and start again. You are an asset and a liability to us. As such you would be permitted to move freely within Federation space, but not to leave the Federation. Any application for passage would be denied, and taking unauthorised passage would make you a fugitive and subject to punitive law."

He sat back, "I remind you , Ensign, it was you who asked what the effects of your actions could be. I do not make the rules, and you are in no position to break them. Good day to you both."

The screen went blank. Ro' watched Jason closely to see how he would react.

"Yep... he'd have me killed....." Jason said dryly. "I hate politics...." He said as he rubbed his temples.

Ro' let out a bark like laugh, "Now you begin to understand. Come we have a meeting in the Mess hall for all my crew. That would seem to include you for a little while still."

"Yes sir." Jason said then followed Ro' from the room.