Cold Realisation – Cold reboot
by HoD Ro' Matlh & Lieutenant JG Linx Moonshadow & Beq Marcus Quexana & Sogh Germite Ephilom & Ne' teHbach woq'wI & Soghla' HIchop Matlh & Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & Soghla' Jared & Soghla' Marie St. Helene

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Title   Cold reboot
Mission   Cold Realisation
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh & Lieutenant JG Linx Moonshadow & Beq Marcus Quexana & Sogh Germite Ephilom & Ne' teHbach woq'wI & Soghla' HIchop Matlh & Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & Soghla' Jared & Soghla' Marie St. Helene
Posted   Sun Sep 08, 2013 @ 1:46am
Location   FHew Bridge
The FHew sat dark and dormant, hidden within the cavern of a random asteroid. Outside a vast fleet of insect like creatures was searching for them, angered by their attack on one of their scouts. While the FHew remained in the ore rich rock, without any power signals of any kind it was safe.

The crew stood on the darkened bridge, all wearing EVA suits. The bottled air was a better option than the fetid atmosphere remaining, and the magnetic boots stopped them floating around. The only illumination was a series of floating chemical lights provided by Jared, the Science officer.

Outside, next to the FHew in the cavern, was a dormant Maego vessel. Why it was here and how long it had been here before the FHew arrived was a mystery a small team had been sent to solve. Without sensors or communicators they needed to wait for the teams return before learning anything.

On the ship now were Captain Ro', Science officer Jared, Tactical officer HoS, crewman 'Iw'a'na' and Cha'a' and three remaining Marines of the four who were assigned to them at the beginning of the mission. All but two of these were now sitting on the dark bridge waiting for something to happen.

Marine jaqwI' HI' was down in the hold waiting for the crew's return, and taking some time to do some simple repairs. HoS stood next to the open airlock watching out for any sign of the returning away team.

Suddenly HoS shifted his position and signaled for jaqwI' to join him. Three figures could be seen emerging from the airlock on the Maego ship, highlighted by warning flares they were carrying. By the colour it was obvious to see they were in some form of distress. The trio moved to the tether line which had been attached when they first crossed and began to pull themselves back to the FHew.

First across was Marie, the Quartermaster, followed closely by Germite, Medic, and finally HIchop, First officer. HoS and jaqwI' pulled them inside and through the hatch to where they could remove their helmets and talk.

“Ah, the delights of Klingon air conditioning,” Marie said. “Hichop, you can give the report. I'm going down to the transporter room.”

HIchop nodded and headed for the bridge. When he and Germite arrived Ro' pulled off his helmet, coughed violently and then said, "About time. What did you find?"

Germite looked at HIchop then back to Ro'. He decided that HIchop was taking too long to compose his thoughts. "It's bad over there, some sort of energy drain. Everything is as if something sucked the energy out of it. I'm not just talking biological, it was electronic too. It's as if everything was flash frozen. Then there's something that they called a nilhus. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but from the way everyone was acting, it's bad news."

Ro' flashed a look at Jared. He bellowed in a voice which rang throughout the ship.


The lights flooded the bridge and the intercom sputtered to life. The voice of JaqwI' came back, "On it now, Captain. You have drive power and weapons."

Ro' shifting to adjust to the returned atmosphere pointed to teHbach, one of the Marines, "You. Weapons."

"luq!" teHbach leapt up and to the conrols "Full power is restored. The disruptors and shielding is at 110% normal, but the torpedoes are depleted."

Ro' then stabed a finger at Germite, "Can you fly her?"

Germite nodded and took a seat at the pilot's station. "I have flown similar ships in the past."

The radio sputtered to life, "Tell to FHew," the engineer's voice came across the gulf calmly, "Get going."

"Hold tight, team," Jared responded. "We are running a cold reboot now. We will pull you out if we can."

The FHew whired to life. Because she was only a small brid she could go from dead to powered a matter of minutes, but right now, seconds counted. Before the dampeners were even fully powered the RCS thrusters were pushing her forward. The gap through the asteroid was a tight fit, but that was not the most concerning. Behind them was a ship ready to explode, and the rear of a B'rel was notoriously poorly armoured. No Klingon expectd to be running froma fight, so they tended to neglect rear shielding. To make it worse, the old birds normally only had enough power to run cloak OR shield. They would need to remain observable to have any hope of surviving the exploding asteroid.

One final problem lay in the timing. If they raised the shields to early, they would not be able to get the away team. Too late and they would be destroyed. that decision now lay in the hands of the new Marine teHbach. Ro' had placed their life in his hands.

Marie stood with fingers poised over the transporter control panel. She glowering at it. She could do this with auxiliary power but she would have preferred full power. Right now, she didn't even have that. The panel was dead.

She knew that transporters were way down the list of systems in a reboot. Hell, they barely rated as a priority item. No matter how fast the young Klingon JaqwI' worked he couldn't...

The panel sprang to life under her hands as power flooded back to it. Marie was so shocked that it took her a fraction of a second to react.

She punched in the coordinates for the away team and tried to get a lock. She founds echos and shadows but no....

"Got them," she cried. It had only been quick, a mere blip on the screen, but Marie was good at this if at nothing else. She stabbed the lock then set about her task.

"Transporting," she announced.

The wave of heat washed over the trio, as they were bathed in the red glow. It took Tell, May'bel and Marcus a moment to realise they were not infact grilled to a crisp in the Maego Engineering, but inthe fetid warm air of the FHew's engineering.

Its all looking so hazy thought Tell as she saw shadows everywhere Is this what its like to die?

“Got them. I.... There’s a problem.”

"Only one?" Ro' growled. "Makes a change."

The signal was wavering. Marie fought to keep the beam tight. “Keep the power up to the transporters just a little...longer.... Don’t let it go yet....”

JaqwI' nodded. He seemed able to pull power from the air itself. The power guages piqued and dropped but stayed just in the green. Something behind her began to smoke.

“Got them!” She punched the air in victory.

JaqwI' flipped power back to the shields and the panel went dead again. teHbach breathed out as he saw the shiedls finally rais under his command. Germite throttled the ship to full power. He banked the ship to the left and right as he flew through the interior of the asteroid. A final jink to the left and the FHew was free of the asteroid.

Tell couldn't believe she was on the tranporter padd of the Fhew. Its said that your life flashes before your eyes just as your about to die, Tell was only half way through when she realised she was going to live.

She took her helmet off and took a deep breath of air before she started to cough. It wasn't the most freshest of air she had come across but it was air.

"I see I've bypassed heaven then and gone straight to hell because your all smiling."

"vIlay'be'," JaqwI' called. [I make no promises].

The ship was at the lip of the asteroid when the shock wave hit. All around them in engineering systems fused and spat hot metal and steam as relays shut down or exploded trying to shunt away the energy released into the shields. The crew were thrown forward with a force the intertial damperners were simply unabel to compensate for.

For a sickening moment the Fhew spun, surrounded by energy and light playing over her.

On the bridge everything was dark for a moment, then one by one lights and panels came back on line.

"Report," Ro' demanded.

As if in reply the main screen came on line. the image was panning slowly as the FHew continued a slow spin. It was filled with the giant fleet of hostile bug creatures. All now very aware of the Klingon ship floating between them.

teHbach reported, "Weapons of line. Shields depelted. Cloak non-functional."

Germite pressed a few keys and was able to slow but not stop the gentle spin. "Helm unresponsive. I have partial RCS, but no Impulse, and certainly no Warp."

"How many?" Ro' asked looking to Jared.

Jared was smiling, "None. We got them all. I am certain of... Oh, you aren't talking about the Nhilus ar eyou. Erm... oh... hundreds, if not thousands of various sizes."

Ro' sat back in his chair.

"Then today is the day we die, saving the universe, and failing our mission. Qu'vatlh! Helm, set course to colide with the biggest of their ships."