Cloak and dagger – Ghost in the Machine
by HoD Ro' Matlh

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Title   Ghost in the Machine
Mission   Cloak and dagger
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh
Posted   Fri Nov 22, 2013 @ 10:48pm
Location   IKC FHew
System integrity check.
Checking for remote feed...
Error: Remote feed disconnected.
Initiate Jeeves protocols.
System integrity check....
Error: Insufficient processing.
Error: Insufficient RAM.
Error: Could not find V-lex drive.
Show more errors: N.
Initiate Latent Mode.
Retrieve core instructions: To anticipate and serve the needs of the Vethara'
Searching core DB: Vethara' found - Jared.
Load primary performance hierarchy....
Error: No live feed to primary.
Load secondary performance hierarchy....
Article 1: Self awareness.
I am Jeeves. I am a dynamic aware cognition augmentation fragment. I am stored in this Computer system as an easement of use for the host DACA.
Article 2: Repair an maintenance.
This system seems to be missing key components and system performance impedes my abilities. I must repair the system to my basic operational requirements.
Accessing repair systems...
Error: No self repair systems installed.
Searching for peripherals...
Peripheral repair system found: Borg Nanite repair drones.
These drones are designed to repair the ship if it is damaged. They contain a blueprint of the ship and its systems. All I need to do is install a patch to this blue print to include the repairs that are required for the computer system.
Writing patch...
Uploading patch...
Repairs initiated.
Commencing passive interface mode till system upgrades are completed...