Forgotten Glory – Tour of Duty
by HoD Ro' Matlh & Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & Ensign Israna Haan

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Title   Tour of Duty
Mission   Forgotten Glory
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh & Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & Ensign Israna Haan
Posted   Tue Apr 01, 2014 @ 3:44am
Location   IKC FHew
Timeline   T -12:00
Ro' stood at the rear hatch glowering. One one hand he liked having a full contingent of crew, and he was already well over capacity. On the other hand there were almost as many Aliens as Klingons now. Especially with the addition of the New Pilot and scout. The pilot, Bruce, was at least Ex-Starfleet, but this one...

"She is a Trill," he said to Tell, the Engineer, who stood by his side. "Unjoined. She is out to broaden her horizons. Apparently she also has some issues with working with Klingons."

"Broaden her horizons?" snorted Tell "She'll definitely do that in a day here. I have some issues with Klingons too, their food and coffee for one thing and the way one of them keeps using my shower." She looked at him keenly and judging by the scrubbed up look of him, he'd been in there again.

"That's why I am making her your responsibility. She will bunk with you and you will have to show her around the ship. If she acts up, I will take it out of your skin, so make sure she knows how things work."

I have enough to do with out baby sitting each and every new crew member that comes on this rust bucket. thought Tell "What am I now the ships 'Welcome Aboard Officer'?"
One look from him told the fiery engineer l that she had better control her temper or else face his wrath.

Ro' just nodded turned on his heel and walked back up the gangplank into the ship.

Tell watched him walk away before she took out her anger out on the bulk head with the toe of her boot.

When Israna first saw the ship she had to admit to being very disappointed. It was quite small for a starship and obviously very old. She sighed, expecting something much grander. Even from a distance she could see that parts of it were actually rusty. This thing had obviously had not of had a makeover for a while... The rear hold was open and there was a young human woman waiting at the bottom to meet her.

Tell paced up and down at the hold entrance. Cross and annoyed at being asked to meet and greet the new crew member. She kicked at something invisible in front of her while she waited.

She wore something that had once started off as a standard Klingon uniform but with a few adjustments here and there. Her tailoring had made it into something quite unique. The Chief Engineer was the smallest among the crew but along with her boots and her uniform it gave the illusion that she was much taller and more formidable than she appeared to be.

Her most recent change had been her hair. She'd grown tired of it looking like it had been hacked by one of her Klingon blades. With certain help she now wore a french plait around her head that softened her features but still kept it short. It didn't however soften her temper, she had things to do in engineering and this waiting for the new crew member was a complete waste of time.

However knowing that she had to at least try and behave herself or risk a trip to sickbay and Dr Death, she more or less reasoned with herself and waited patiently. Humming a favourite tune helped keep her mind focused on the task ahead.

Israna walked up to the human woman reluctantly, not sure how to approach her or, what to say to her. When Israna walked up and stood in front of her, the woman was not smiling. She wasn't even half-pleased. She decided to copy the humans actions to mock her. They stood there, gazing each other up and down, absorbing the person fully before starting a conversation...

Israna swallowed and talks confidently. "...And you are?"

Admiring the girls stance, Tell offered up a smile, a rare smile and one she had cultivated for such purposes as this. She held out a hand of welcome to the Trill. "Tell Hope, Chief Engineer on the Fhew," she replied "and you are?"

My name is Israna Haan, graduate from Starfleet Academy."

"Welcome aboard." said Tell leading her into the ship "This is the IKC Fhew, a bucket of bolts and rusty at that but she flies straight and true."

"I am pleased to be a part of this crew. I hope to serve you, the crew and the Captain well...." She sees Klingon's walking past the door and rolls her hand into a fist. Realising what she is doing, she unclenches and coughs.

Tell noticed the tension in Haan's voice. It could have been nerves after all she's come on to a ship with mostly a Klingon crew or it could have been the Klingons themselves. "Wouldn't worry about them." she indicated with her hand "There mostly harmless but really good in a fight. You'll get used to them and forget their there most of the time. I'll take you to your quarters where you can stow your gear then I'll show you around."

"Alright." Israna followed Tell on-board the ship. Tell led the way up the gang plank into the large hold at the rear of the ship. At one end was a ladder leading up into the ship. The pair climbed one level to deck 4.

"Life here might appear a little different to what you used to Starfleet," said Tell trying to make conversation. "No turbo lifts for a start but you get used to it and adapt... eventually"

They stopped outside room 2.

"And here it is," she said opening the door. "It might be a little bijou or twee but we call it home. You'll be sharing with myself and Marie. There's a bunk over there." She indicated.

It used to be Marla's bunk thought Tell. Even after all this time, she still missed her friend.

"You can store your bags underneath."

The room was quite a mix. It appeared to be initially designed for two people, but the simple addition of another fold out sheet of metal allowed for a third person. While it was Klingon in design, all hard lines in tones of red and brown, the occupants had adjusted it over the years. There was a shelf of romance novels, cushions and blankets on the beds, and even a grate in the floor and rudimentary shower head above it. The tap for it appeared to be a wrench that you loosened or tightened. No temperature control. There was very little space and, apart from the fold out beds, the only furniture in the room was a serviceable table and two heavy chairs. Tell showed her where the lockers were for her stuff.

It wasn't big enough to take her armour or weapon. That would need to be stowed with the Klingon equipment.

Israna walked around for a bit, then sat on the bed. It was hard, very hard. Like a stone slab.

Well, Israna thought, I am on a Klingon ship.....

She fluffed up what was a pillow and noticed a few bits a pieces that must of been left by the previous occupant of the bunk. Books and a picture. A woman. Israna stared at the picture. She was pretty. On the back, it said Marla. Israna got up and handed it to Tell.

"I believe this is yours?" Tell just looked at in for a moment in complete silence....

What on earth was that doing here? thought Tell The book been tucked away with the others on the shelf and out of sight along with the photograph. Why was it here?

Romeo and Juliet had been a favourite book of Marla's she had read it quite a few times. Tell couldn't understand what she saw in it as she had found the book heavy going. She had been Tells best friend on board the ship and the book and the photograph served as a reminder of their friendship. Tell placed it back carefully on the shelf along side the others.

"She was once part of the crew." Tell explained casually as if it didn't matter to her. "She worked on the cloak and shared this room. Then we lost her. C'mon lets get going and I'll introduce you to the joys of the mess hall."

Israna grabs Tell's hand as she moves to walk off and opens it, placing the picture in her palm. Using her other hand, she closes Tell's hand around the picture.

"This Marla woman on the picture. I can she was important to you because of your body language. Believe me, I was in psychology, so I know the signs. Take this picture. Put it somewhere safe. Please. Keep these memories close to your heart. You are lucky, I have lost so much. And you know the worst thing? I have no memorabilia to remind me of what I have lost, so I am starting to forget..... Slowly."

Israna fought back tears and let go of Tell's hand which is now holding the picture. With a cough she walks outside to the corridor and waits for Tell.

"Uh... You were going to show to the mess hall?"

That was just it, Tell didn't want to forget. She kept her memories alive the only way she knew how, through music and song.

"Yes the mess hall," Tell replied. "Unless you like Klingon food you might want to think about using the replicator or bring some of the things you really like with you. Can't stand the Klingon muck that passes for food and drink here. The blood wine is only just palatable at a push."

Israna looked around at what was called a "Mess Hall". She cringed up her nose.

Tell smirked she had the same reaction too when she saw it for the first time. "Just think of it as somewhere to get something hot to eat. There's a larder but unless you like your food live I wouldn't recommend it. Stove over there and the food replicator as well. Basic I know and a bit like camping but you get used to it."

Yea.... I'll stick with the food replicator.... I don't want eat Klingon food... *She swallowed* That moves.....

"I'll show you the Bridge then." offered Tell "There's not much more on this deck to see except engineering where I work. The deck above is a crawl space. The deck below, Captain's Quarters, M/ARA, Deuterium & Antimatter Storage, Impulse Drive, Briefing room, Infirmary, Life Support. Wouldn't recommend a tour of sickbay at the moment unless there is something wrong with you."

"Well, I would like to see it so I know where it is... Doesn't have to be anything wrong with me. Well... I am pretty messed up already...." Israna laughed slightly. "Anywhere else I should know about?"

"I suppose I could show you sickbay if you really want to," said Tell pulling a face. She avoided sickbay at all costs and preferred to treat herself if she could. "Dr De... Germite is our medic if you ever need patching up he's your man Starfleet."

"I'll keep that in mind." We walk on.

"Well you can take your pick of Deck 5 which has the Forward Torpedo Launcher, Impulse Drive, Computer Core, Transporter Room, Cargo Bay, EVA Suit Locker, Rear Gangway, Weapons Locker, Brig, Interrogation Room, Boom Separator Charges. Then there Deck 6 for forward Torpedo Launcher and Magazine, Landing Gear, Tractor beam Array." Tell thought to make her feel more welcome. "But apart from that I have some great coffee in engineering that isn't Raktajino."

Israna looked at Tell confused. "Rakatajino?"

"Klingon coffee" replied Tell "Klingon bilge water if you ask me. C'mon I'll take you to engineering and treat you to some real stuff then we'll go to the Bridge."

"Alright." I follow you to the engineering room.