Forgotten Glory – Just when I thought......
by Ne' Michelle "Mike" Young & HoD Ro' Matlh

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Title   Just when I thought......
Mission   Forgotten Glory
Author(s)   Ne' Michelle "Mike" Young & HoD Ro' Matlh
Posted   Tue Mar 25, 2014 @ 1:04am
Location   USS Nobel- Mike's Cabin and other locations
Timeline   After leaving Captains Ready Room
“CMO’s Log, stardate 59833.55. The few colonists we have on board are stretching our capacities to maximum, and now we are expected to render assistance to a Klingon mining facility after an explosion. I don’t know how the Captain expects us to be able to render optimal aid to the injured with the limited space we have. My main concern is the close proximity of the Andorians and Telarites we shall be receiving. I shall see how it goes, but there may be need to move patients around in the next few days. Most will be able to move onto the Starbase upon arrival, though with the number of patients on board, the Nobel will more than likely need to stay on as an attachment hospital. Those with the virus will need to remain in quarantine in board the Nobel until they can be cleared. End log.”

Mike sits back and reviews the log. ‘Not as long as I would like, but it will have to do.’ She thought to herself.

She leans forward once again.

“Personal Log, stardate 59833.60. As much as I hate to admit that despite my medical oaths and a dispassionate attitude that I have come to develop, I had found myself becoming fond of a small, six year old colonist by the name of Haley. She had lost both of her parents to the disease which was plaguing the colony. She reminded me too much of myself at her age. I know this one patient shouldn’t be any different, but she was. Having dealt with this disease for the last three days…..” Mike pauses for a moment to steady her nerves. “Anyway, she was doing so well, until she relapsed last night….It didn’t matter what I did, I couldn’t save her. She was too young to go in such a horrible way. Hopefully some sleep will clear my head. End log””

Mike sits back once again, last night turning over in her head. Not matter what different variables she added, it all seemed to end the same way.

She decides that she would feel better after a nap, seeing as she had not slept properly since transferring any of the patients on board.

As she lies down to sleep she is shocked by an alert over her com badge =/= “Doctor Young, report to deck 8, the miners are brawling but we are yet to figure out why.”

Mike sighs and sits up. =/= “I’m on my way.”

Making sure her retractable blade was firmly attached to her belt, she heads for the nearest turbo lift.

The turbo lift doors open as Mike races out of them. The sound of the brawl was unmistakable….it was coming from the small dining area a few corridors down. As she rounds the corner, there is no sign of a security detachment, just one lone guard, who seemed far too afraid to get involved in what was in front of him, even though he was the one who called it in.

With one hand resting on the handle of her blade, Mike pushes her way into the room. ‘I am NOT in the mood for this bullshit!’ she thinks to herself. ‘Just as I thought this would be the night I finally got some decent sleep!’

“MOVE!” Mike yells as she pushes her way through, some of them move, but others are too busy yelling to hear her. “MOVE!” Mike starts shoving passengers out of the way to get into the middle of seemed like a circle.

As she breaches the inner of the circle, she sees several flashes of metal, and in something that can only be thought of as pure instinct and the fact that she was already on a short fuse, she draws her own blade and rushes the two of them, yelling “THAT IS ENOUGH!!” as she pushes her blade between them and blocks both of their swings.