Forgotten Glory – Perhaps I should have left it.....
by Ne' Michelle "Mike" Young & HoD Ro' Matlh

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Title   Perhaps I should have left it.....
Mission   Forgotten Glory
Author(s)   Ne' Michelle "Mike" Young & HoD Ro' Matlh
Posted   Tue Mar 25, 2014 @ 3:27am
Location   USS Nobel- Deck 8 dining hall
Timeline   After intervening in brawl
“HOW DARE YOU?!?” One of them screams.

Mike looks to her left and sees that one of them is an Andorian, and his face had an expression of utter disgust and contempt, and he was glaring at Mike.

“How DARE you interrupt this duel?!” He yells.

Mike pauses and looks at what the two brawlers are using. ‘Aww hell….Ushaan….great, now I’m going to cop this.’ She thinks to herself.

Pressure of one side of her blade disappears, and Mike looks right and sees a Telarite take a step backwards and slowly pull off the gauntlet attached to his left hand and the Ushaan-tor in his right and place it on the ground. He then quickly steps back into the crowd and disappears.

“This isn’t over Dog-Face!” He screams into the crowd, tossing off the gauntlet. “Dishonor!” He points at the other Telarites in the room, and Mike can tell what is about to happen. “GET THEM!!” the Andorian yells.

Some of the Andorians pull more Ushaan-tors, while others just rush across the room.

‘Uhoh…’ Mike thinks just before she is rushed by several Andorians trying to get to the Telarites.

The same Andorian that started the larger brawl rushes Mike and swings his Ushaan-Tor directly at her. Mike manages to block the blow, but it makes her take a few steps backwards.

=A= “Get Security in here NOW!!=A= Mike yells over the com, whilst managing to block a few swings from the Andorian.

=A= We’re almost there! =A= A voice cries back, distracting Mike momentarily. This split second allowed the Andorian to land two blows on her, one slicing her left arm and the other across her back as she turns to block the blows.

Cradling her left arm against her chest, Mike begins to back away from the Andorian, barely managing to block the blows being thrown at her. The Andorian suddenly stops as he spots the Telarite he had challenged earlier, turns and chases after him.

Mike is suddenly swamped by numerous different passengers. She endeavors to block fists and feet that are incidentally being thrown in her direction. She is struck numerous times all across her body, some even connecting with the wounds caused by the Ushaan-tor. These are not some freighter pilots, these are hard working miners who push their muscles every day. Their blows were hard and fast.

Mike closes her eyes. ‘God I hope they get here soon!’ She thinks to herself.

“BREAK IT UP!!” A voice cuts through the noise of the brawl, Mike recognizes it as Gabrielle, the Security Chief.

The crowd doesn’t seem to respond, and the Security team begins pushing their way through the crowd, and the occasional sound of a phaser can be heard.

“Doctor! Doctor, where are you!?” He yells.

That was the last thing Mike heard before a foot connected with the side of her head.