Forgotten Glory – Tirade
by HoD Ro' Matlh & Ne' Michelle "Mike" Young

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Title   Tirade
Mission   Forgotten Glory
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh & Ne' Michelle "Mike" Young
Posted   Wed Mar 26, 2014 @ 9:20am
Location   USS Nobel Medical
Timeline   An hour after the fight
"I had to order them to stun the whole room," the Captain bellowed pacing in front of Mike's recovery bed. "Do you know what sort of diplomatic headaches this will cause when the Tellarites wake up?"

Med bay was already full, and the extra injured from the fight had made things difficult. Taran, the 2IC CMO was binding Mike's back as fast as he was able so she could clear the bed for someone else.

"The cuts are deep, but clean," he said. "You'll need to take some rest for a few days if you don't want to tear the stitches.

"I'll be fine Taran, I've had far worse and you know it." Mike replied.

"That's it," Benzado threw her arms in the air, "I can't approve your leave now, can I?"

"Oh yes you can....Sir." Mike replies. "If anything, this actually works out better. I can observe the Klingons more easily. You do know that they won't attack someone who is injured right? And just think how this will look to them, wounded in the course of duty."

Benzado rubbed her forehead, "But what of infection. You know that whip won't be sterile. And antibiotics will be hard to come by."

"I'll take some with me. Plus monitoring gear to keep and eye on the one I can't see." Mike smiles slightly. "I'll be fine. Plus it will prove a toughness to the Klingons, that I can keep going despite injury. You know I'm right, Sir. You can't keep trying to find excuses to keep me here. Plus, I want to go," Mike says. "I'll take what I need with me. I'll be fine."

Benzado deflated. She knew this was an argument she had lost before it began.

"Fine, fine. We will be docking in two hours. Do what you need to get ready. Or better yet, get some sleep. We will be docked for a few days so hopefully we will still be here when you are done."

"Yes Sir." Mike turns the Taran. "Grab me a PADD would you? I need you to grab a few things for me while I get some actual sleep"

Taran nods and returns quickly with one. Mike taps a number of things on the pad. "Just pack this for me and drop it by my cabin. Leave it just inside, I'll make sure you can get in."

Taran nods once again and darts off. Mike carefully gets off the bed and slowly makes her way to her cabin, hoping that she will actually get to sleep before they dock.

EL: Mike's cabin, asleep