Training Room – Klingon 101
by HoD Ro' Matlh & Lieutenant JG Linx Moonshadow & Ensign Israna Haan & Sogh Germite Ephilom & Ne' Michelle "Mike" Young & Ne' Mariaa'n Si'van & Soghla' Marie St. Helene & Soghla' Jared & Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & Soghla' HIchop Matlh

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Title   Klingon 101
Mission   Training Room
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh & Lieutenant JG Linx Moonshadow & Ensign Israna Haan & Sogh Germite Ephilom & Ne' Michelle "Mike" Young & Ne' Mariaa'n Si'van & Soghla' Marie St. Helene & Soghla' Jared & Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & Soghla' HIchop Matlh
Posted   Fri Apr 11, 2014 @ 4:05am
Location   Starbase 270
The FHew did not dock with the station, rather it deposited the crew and then moved back to a safe distance to allow other traffic through.

The large Cargo transporter brought all nine of the FHew 'Guest Lecturers' through in one go. They were met by a tall Vulcan Admiral, a squat Bolian Captain and a human Commander, all in dress uniform, as well as an honour guard of Starfleet Security.

"It is obvious they don't want you to skip your lecture," Ro' hissed to Tell.

Tell muttered something under her breath that Ro' couldn't quite catch but its intent was there.

"Captain Ro'", the Vulcan said stepping forward but not extending a hand. "It is good to see you again."

Ro' stepped from the transporter pad, acknowledging the Vulcan with a nod, "Admiral Cann. You're a long way from Iapetus."

The Admiral indicated to the other senior officers, "You may remember Captain Shore?"

Ro' nodded, "USS Pheonix. Battle at Andrax 9. You put up a good fight."

The Captain inclined his head with a slight smile, "You, sir, outfought my Nebula Class with a B'rel. I was adrift for three days till the USS Hathoway could come and recover us. I have to say it is a great privileged having you teach us some tactics. Will it include that cloak and fire manoeuvre?"

Ro' shook and held the man's hand, "I think not in the first lecture."

"Quite so," Vloc agreed. "Captain Shore is in charge of this starbase now, and Commander Davis is in charge of the Academy Recruits."

Ro' shook hands with the human then indicated his own crew, "My first officer HIchop, Chief Engineer Hope, You will know Lt Moonshadow, and possibly Ensign Haan."

"Indeed I do," Davis cut in. "Ensign Haan is one of the most able marksman I have come across in years, and an excellent covert operative. I understand you also have Mr Air on your ship as helmsman now?"

"We do," Ro' responded carefully.

Davis carried on, "He is by far the most promising pilot I have met to date. Such as shame about what happened."

"Perhaps," the Admiral cut in, "We can save the banter for the reception? The students are keen to start. Captain if you will follow me to the command deck, the rest of your crew will be escorted by Commander Davis."

Ro' nodded to the crew and followed the Captain and the Admiral. Davis indicated tot he rest of them and as he led them out the security detail fell in around them.

"We have set up Holodeck 3 for the lectures. It is the only room big enough to hold all the students, and it does make it easier for simulations and demonstrations if you intend to use any of those."

Israna walked with the rest of the crew in her star fleet uniform. She moves to Commander Davis and studies him carefully, "Commander Davis. I didn't know you would be here. Anything you need to talk to me about?"

Davis smiles at her, "Not now, Ensign, but I am keen to hear how your application for joining went. Needless to say I spoke highly of you when asked."

Marie tapped Tell on the upper arm. “What did you do to rate a special mention from ‘Ro?”

"Damn it. He thinks I can't handle it. I suppose it's to late to pull a sickie," the engineer replied.

They arrived at the Holodeck doors where a woman in Starfleet medical uniform and a young cadet stood waiting.

"Ah!" said Davis, "This is Dr Young. She is something of a Xeno-medical expert, and we have invited her to sit in on your lecture."

Mike turns as she hears her name, "Sir's. I look forward to hearing what there is to be said for Klingon medicine, if there is such a thing."

Mike looks to the newcomers, "I don't believe we have ever met."

She extends her hand to them, hoping one of them will take it. "Doctor Michelle Young, Lieutenant, not that I guess rank would mean a great deal," She smiles

The are two Klingons present, though HIchop has the smoother head not normally associated with his race. The other, a far more 'regular' Klingon is May'bel. Apart form those, the rest of the group consist of four human women, two in SF uniforms, and a male, an Orion woman and a short fuzzy character of unknown race.

Davis, ever smiling ushered the group through, "Come now, we have much to get through and we are all eager to start."

The Holodeck was set out with rows of chairs facing a podium. Behind the podium were a set of chairs for the FHew crew to sit at. Along one side were a few chairs set on their own for people like Mike who would be watching but not one of the cadets. The cadets themselves, some two dozen or so, were gathered on the chairs in the middle. All were ramrod upright as the crew came in.

As the young man accompanying Mike stepped through he bellowed, "Officer on Deck!"

All of the cadets shot to their feet and saluted, without even turning to see who it was. As the crew moved forwards past them the young men and women kept their gaze perfectly forward and didn't move a muscle. Davis indicated the crew should take their seats at the back of the podium before returning the salute.

"As you were, recruits," he began, suddenly all formality. "You have an opportunity none of you instructors have had to date; to learn from people who actually serve in the KDF, both Human and Klingon and... other races. I trust you will take notes and pay attention to every detail. Captain Ro' and the Admiralty are watching from the command deck so..."

There was a sudden judder in the floor. The cadets glanced around cautiously. For a moment Davis was thrown off topic.

"... so... so you will all..."

Another shudder, this time much larger. The glass of liquid in front of Davis formed ripples. The crew new instinctively this was not right. Starbase 270 was a very large installation and short of a major incident the IDF should have prevented anything being felt.

"... I will... One moment."

Davis tapped his com pin, "Davis to Opps, is there a..."

There was a sudden spray of sparks and flame as the roof of the Holodeck exploded showering everyone. The crew were momentarily blinded but as their vision cleared they could see Davis slumped on the floor and the Cadets rising from their chairs in confusion. Through the open Holodeck doors could be heard the blare of alarms and the Red Alert banner lit up the wall.

Mike's ears rang from the explosion. After a moment, she gathers her herself and manages a look around. She stands as she surveys the area. "Ensign! Grab my gear."

The young man looked to the door and then back to the officer, "erm... my orders are to stay with..."

She moves towards the cadets. "Lets go Cadets! Move it! Out Out Out!!" It is in this instant as she yells that she realizes that something about her isn't right. Reaching back, she feels her uniform and notices that it is wet. Bringing her hand forward, it is covered in blood. Her own. 'Crap.' she thinks. 'This just got harder all of a sudden...'

Germite had been sitting and was zoned out. The explosion brought him back to the present. He stood up and saw chaos. Germite stepped over to Davis to assess his injuries. One look and he knew that Davis was dead, but he had to check anyway. Germite checked Davis over and knew that there was nothing he could do. He tapped Davis's commbadge. =^=Medical Emergency. Beam this one directly to sickbay.=^= He stepped away from Davis as he moved to assess his crew-mates.

"What the hell was happening?" thought Tell as her vision began to clear. One minute I was waiting for the introductions and the next I'm in an explosion and covered in cuts."

She had, had worse injuries in the past and she pushed it aside and tried to get up but found she couldn't. She let loose a vile Klingon curse and as she realised that her left leg prevented her from standing.

The cadets were roused into action by the Medical officer yelling at them, however, the response was not a productive one.

"You heard the Lieutenant," One youth leapt up, "Let's get moving!"

"Where to?" wailed a young woman in obvious distress.

A Vulcan officer stood calmly, "Protocol clearly dictates we should remain in our current position and await further orders."

"We have orders," the first replied.

Another started yelling his own orders, "Connor, Booth, help the injured. Morse, see if you can raise someone on the comms. Delaine, you're with me."

"Travis," the Vulcan reprimanded, "you are neither senior, nor is it appropriate to separate the group."

"You can all stop arguing, this is NOT THE TIME for you to be pussy-footing around! OUT of the holodeck! Those who can walk help those who can't! Nearest EVAC point! MOVE!" Mike yells, trying to remain standing as the bleeding does not seem to be stopping.

"With respect," the Vulcan cadet says, "Protocol dictates, in the event of a disaster, we are to attend our assigned duty stations. The call for evacuation has not been given. Nor, indeed, do we have an assigned evacuation point, except to return to the USS Prospero."

"Pointy eared bastard is going to get us all killed," muttered on of the older recruits, referred to as Booth, who was nearest the Doctor.

It occurs to the crew of the FHew that THEY do not have a designated extraction either.

"Alright," the one who had stood first said, "Let's not panic; we are Starfleet." He glanced over at the FHew crew, "No offence intended. Our first priority is to assess our immediate situation and report to a command authority."

There was an uncomfortable moment as everyone came into the realisation that the current ranking officer... was HIchop!

"Maybe," The frightened female hazarded, "we should try and contact Ops?"

Marie ignored all the myriad voices around her. She had seen Tell try to rise and fail. Marie scrambled over to her friend and saw a jagged piece of metal sticking into Tell’s left leg. Somehow the arm of Tell’s chair had blown loose and skewered Tell. How, Marie could not say and now was not the time for useless questions like that.

“Germite!” she called out without looking up. “Over here. Now!”

She pulled off her top, heedless of the fact that all she had on underneath was a bra. She ripped off one sleeve and tied it tightly around Tell’s upper leg.

"Damn it, damn it, damn it, should have moved a lot quicker," replied Tell, wincing as Marie wrapped a blood soaked leg. "Nice bra by the way, never took you for wearing red lace."

“I was saving it for a more....I don’t know...a more appropriate situation.” She drew a deep breath. “We’ve got to get you attended to. Where the hells is Germite?”

Mike notices the two at the other end of the holodeck. She notices the crude tourniquet around the top of one of the females legs. "Ensign! Over here!" She moves to the two of them, wrenching her kit from the Ensign.

She Kneels down with the two of them, "Name's Mike, looks like you two are in some dire need of medical assistance." She opens her bag. "I'm certain I can provide at least enough to ensure survival to a medical bay and prevent the loss of that leg."

"Your not Dr Do... Germite, he's my doctor." Tell complained "Just give me some drugs and I'll be fine till he gets here. Marie, are you wearing matching pants as well?"

“Black lace. Couldn’t find the matching red ones this morning. Didn’t think anyone would notice, anyway. Why?”

"As arousing as I'll agree all this bloodshed is," May'Bel commented in a low voice from behind Marie, "perhaps you two could flirt when people aren't dying? A Doctor is a doctor as long as they do their job. Now pull your head in and lay still! Or would you rather lose that leg?" Mike states, a little annoyed.

"Marie will you tell her?" Moaned Tell to her friend.

"Oh no! I'm not getting into an argument over who has treating preference. I'm helping and that is that." Mike grabs a hypospray from her kit and presses it against Tell's thigh, injecting a strong painkiller, which is also an anaesthetic, knocking her out in a matter of moments.

"Right, now I can start helping without her squirming or complaining." Mike pulls numerous things from her bag and beings working on stemming the flow of blood around the metal object embedded in her leg. She looks Marie. "If you are willing to help, it would be most appreciated."

“What do you want me to do? Short of stripping off my pants as well, I’ll do anything. I’m saving that one for when Tell recovers.”

Mike smiles. "No no, just help me stem the flow of blood till I can get my gear sorted."

Germite trotted up and saw Mike tending to Tell. He looked Tell over, then Mike, then Marie. He shook his head, then turned to Mike. "It looks like you've got things started, what's the plan?"

"Get this bleeding stopped and prevent the loss of her leg, but without proper medical facilities I'm going to struggle to determine the internal damage caused. And I'm going to need help moving her once I have done so." Mike says, and those listening can tell there is something wrong with her also, possibly caused by the explosion, and that she is putting on a mask so she can do her job. "You can start by turning these into a donut shape to go over the ends of the bar." Handing him several bandages.

Marie grabbed some bandages off Mike and started twisting them into the requested shape.

Germite nodded. This doctor seemed to know what she was doing, so he nodded and did as he was told. "I don't know anything about this starbase, but we do have adequate facilities on board the Fhew. If we can get her there."

"Lets get this bleeding stopped and head for there, as I have no idea either about this starbase." Mike works quickly to ensure they have as much time as needed to get to the ship.

Germite pressed down as Mike ordered. It looked as if the flow of blood had slowed. "Are we ready to move her?"

"Keep pressure on that, we'll make use of the medical Cadets." Mike stands. "Attention Medical Cadets! Part of your assessment begins now! We need a body stretcher to carry wounded personnel to their ship's medical bay!" Pointing to Tell. "That means YOU are going to be carrying, none of this fancy 'here's a bed' crap! Now move!"

“I’ll do that,” Marie said to Germite and placed her hand firmly over the wound in Tell’s leg. “You go attend to others in need. Why don’t you just beam her across?” she asked Mike.

"If I was still on active duty I would have beamed her to the Nobel, but I had no permission to beam her anywhere. If I have permission to beam her to the FHew, I shall do so, but I will be staying with her. I always see a patient through to the end." Mike respond. "But one thing first....."

She turns, pointing at the Vulcan. "As for you, you are welcome to stay here and wait as per the protocol you learned at the Academy, or you can realise that not all protocols are appropriate nor do they actually have real world application!! Sometimes a stretch of the rules will save yours' AND your shipmates' lives!"

"Understood, sir," he replies unperturbed, "I merely wish it on record that I recognised the procedure before departing from it under orders."

She sighs. "Now, we are ALL going to move out of the holodeck and head for the FHew, or if you feel so inclined you can head back to the Prospero. Your choice. Let's Move!!"

"The FHew is not docked," HIchop says striding forward. "Given there has been no emergency beam out, and no response to our Comms we must assume communication are down and transporters may be unmanned. The FHew may only beam two at a time, we are closer to twenty. However, the cargo transporter we arrived on can do up to eight people in a single shift. We head for there, and we look for a window or a terminal along the way.

While Marie maintained pressure, a medic and a security trainee grabbed up Tell. HIchop lead the way with others clustered close behind. They had travelled barely 100m before they came to a large window. The scene outside was not encouraging. Debris was scattered widely and there were objects that looked like bodies in the wreck. As they watched the wreck of a n Olympic class ship rolled past, power gone, plasma venting into space.

Mike pauses, totally frozen as she watches the USS Nobel float through space. 'There's nothing you could have done, don't beat yourself up.' She thinks to herself. 'You have new patients to look after, focus on that.'

Jared blinked at the destruction outside the window.

"That's... bad," he said in a controlled voice.

They soon arrived at the Transporter room. It looked relatively undamaged and there was still power to the terminal. Morse stepped forward quickly.

"Transporter power is online. I can get a comms channel to the Fhew."

There was a crackle and then HoS's voice came over the line, "Nuq NeQ?"

"Move in and prepare for immediate beam," HIchop ordered.

"Aye, sir," came the immediate reply.

The crew moved the most injured, including Tell and Mike onto the transporter pad and watched the display as the FHew flew into transporter range. The moment it dropped it's shield there was a shimmer in space and a D'deridex class warbird uncloaked. Before she could raise her shields or respond the Romulans unleashed a devastating barrage on her. In an instant the proud FHew was nothing more than metal shards and fire.

"Now we are going to have to find the starbase's medical facility. Someone needs to start on a terminal and find where it is!" Mike goes to do a scan over Tell just as her own knees give way. 'No no no, not now....'

The Vulcan student is there to catch her, "Your blood loss would appear to be significant."

Morse is pulling up floor plans when he stops, "The command deck... it... it's gone!"

"Just patch it over." Mike pulls bandages from her bag. "I'll be fine. She is at a higher risk than I."

"With respect ma'am," he counters, "Protocol dictates you are not qualified to assess yourself while another medical officer is present."

"This injury is not as a result of the explosion. I know exactly how I got it, I got it before even boarding the starbase. And cut it out with the 'citing protocol' it annoys everyone. Just do as I have said." Mike snaps back.

Morse is pulling up floor plans when he stops, "The command deck... it... it's gone!"

He looks further, "We are cut off by hull breaches from medical. And it appears to be without power but... yes... the Prospero is still intact."

"She's powered down, so they may not have seen her as a threat," the lead recruit supplies. "We could beam there. It has a fully stocked medical bay, right Christie?"

The mousey student nods.

Jared was still staring out the window eyes wide. He glanced around incredulously at the others.

"Am I the only one here who just saw the FHew blow up?"

Hichop turned to the crowd, "Those who can fight, or are science cadets are with me. We will be taking the bridge of the Prospero and we will be powering up as quick as possible with shields."

Half the students stepped forward. May'bel grinned, Jared did not. Israna and Linx also joined the team.

HIchop turned his attention to the Engineers “Engineers will beam directly to Engineering and work out the quickest way to power up and bring shields online. You should be thinking about this now so that when you get there you are ready."

The three remaining people in mustard uniforms began to discus strategies.

HIchop turned his attention to Morse, "We will use all transporters on the Prospero to beam in as many as we can. When you get to the bridge you will be scanning for any life-forms that have a federation badge or are from the FHew. Who ever we don’t get will be on your head.”

Morse went white and began to program the controls.

"Who here can pilot the Prospero?"

Two students raised their arms. One was the Vulcan, the other was the person who had been taking the lead amongst the cadets.

"When you get to the bridge you focus on getting us ready to warp speed and wait for my order."

"Aye sir," the pair replied readily.

"Those who can help the injured you are With Germite,” Hichop ordered again

The medical students were already assembled on the transporter pad, so they just nodded. Mike, Germite and Tell were with them.

Finally HIchop turned to Marie. “You are my second unless Tell would like to get up.”

Marie looked at Tell. Her eyes were glazing over, her jaw was slack.

Through a drug infused haze the engineer heard someone call her name but she thought she was somewhere else entirely. All she could manage was a lopsided grin and a thumbs up sign.

Marie stood. There was nothing more she could do for Tell; she'd only get in the way of people who could tend her. “Lead the way,” she said to HIchop. “Let’s get the bastards who did this!”

"Let's get this transport underway. I want to get her fixed before I pass out." Mike says.

"We have to move fast once aboard," May'Bel commented. "It's a fair bet that the moment the Prospero starts showing signs of life, that Warbird will come after her."