Bugging Out – Medical Examination
by Ne' Michelle "Mike" Young & Soghla' HIchop Matlh & Soghla' Jared & HoD Ro' Matlh

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Title   Medical Examination
Mission   Bugging Out
Author(s)   Ne' Michelle "Mike" Young & Soghla' HIchop Matlh & Soghla' Jared & HoD Ro' Matlh
Posted   Fri May 23, 2014 @ 11:43am
Timeline   Day after briefing
Mike decided that it was time that she got to know the crew, and what better why to do so than with surprise medical examinations! At least then she would also have base line data for when they got sick or injured.

But who to start with? She didn't fancy approaching Ro, but perhaps the XO would be more accommodating....

Mike approached the computer to find out.

"Computer, locate the ships Executive Officer." Mike said.

Mike face palmed herself. 'Idiot,' she thought. 'Klingon computers don't respond back that way.'

Yet a moment later, the computer did respond - in a personable, polite and slightly formal voice.

"Soghla' HIchop is currently in the hold, Lieutenant Young. Would you like me to inform him that you're attempting to find him?"

Mike does a double take at the fact that the computer DID respond verbally. "Now I did not expect that!" Mike says.

"The F'Hew's operating system has been... upgraded in the last few months. You are correct, however - I am not Klingon technology. I was developed by the Vetus - the same race as the F'Hew's science officer."

"You may refer to me as 'computer', or by my active designation - 'Jeeves'. Whichever makes you more comfortable. Do you with me to notify HIchop that you're looking for him?"

"That would be most useful yes." Mike says. "I also need to know who I am actually looking for, any chance of looking at the personnel file Jeeves?"

One of the monitors nearby flickered to life, displaying a bio for a surprisingly human-looking klingon.

"Now displaying short form personnel file for Soghla' HIchop. He will be easy to distinguish from other Klingons due to his lack of head ridges, although I highly recommend against making reference to that fact. It's an issue of particular cultural sensitivity amongst Klingons."

"Noted." Mike replies. "Now, what is the quickest route down to the hold?"

The monitor displayed an internal map of the F'Hew with the route marked in red.

Elsewhere, HIchop found himself interrupted in the hold by a polite voice from the computer.

"Not wishing to interrupt, Soghla' HIchop, but I've been asked to let you know that Lieutenant Young is looking for you. I've informed her of your location, so she should be with you shortly."

HIchop thinks about the heads up. It is unusual to hear the computer talking but very useful to know who is coming. "Thanks for the heads up Jeeves. Do you know what she wants?"

"I'm afraid I don't know. I only know that she was looking for the Executive Officer."

Mike arrives in the hold of the ship looking for the XO, who she at least had a name for now, HIchop. As much as she hated to admit it, most of the Klingons on board all looked the same to her, so she made sure she had memorised his picture as best as she could so she didn't make a mistake.

She looks around the hold for him.

HIchop sees Mike. "What do you want?"

Mike is a little taken back with the tone. "Well, I was hoping to ask you a couple of things. I want to get to know the crew better, so I have come up with a way. I was hoping you would be the first to consent to a quick medical examination, and I was also wondering if you knew the best way to approach the rest of the crew about doing the same."

Hichop laughed, "You could always try poisoning them and then say the cure is in the medical bay. If you were a fighter you could first fight them and then drag them to sick bay. But why do you want to get an examination of everyone? If we need you, you will know. We will probably not be able to stand or fight you off."

Hichop turned back to his work. He could feel Mike's eyes just continuing to gaze his way. With a heavy breath he turned back, "But if it helps you I will come for a full examination and you can base all the other Klingons on me. Apart from my flat head you will find us all the same."

Hichop saw no point in this at all but if it made the new Medic feel better and allowed the rest of the crew the ability to get on with their jobs then it was a small sacrifice.

Hichop then asked curiously "Didn't you get into any fights at our last party? There really isn't any better way to make friends around here."

"If it would have made all this easier, I would have. if I could have. I was stuck in a wheelchair for 4 days post that blasted simulation." Mike sighs. "I'm not going to get any co-operation from the crew am I? Guess I may have to resort to fighting them then."

Mike pauses. "I would much rather have a complete profile for everyone. You could say the same thing about humans that you just did about Klingons, but we all have our own medical files and everyone is different. I very much doubt you have the same DNA or makeup that, say, the Captain has."

"You are of course correct" replied Hichop, "However you are forgetting the many redundant systems Klingon bodies have. We are built for damage. But doesn't that federation tricorder give you a detailed DNA scan? Why not just go around and scan everyone? You don't need everyone to turn up to med bay. As for your back I would avoid fights until it is protected and probably healed given your anatomy." Hichop paused "One last word of advice. When you do your scans don't ask for permission. Just tell them what you are doing. No one is going to stop you so long as you don't get in there way. And if anyone does complain tell them to come see me. I will get you a blood sample."

Mike actually laughed. "I'll keep all of that in mind. Thank you for your advice. I have all I need." Mike pauses. "On that note, were is the armoury? I may as well get myself some armour to wear."

Hichop told her "If you need to have a tour of the ship then tell Tell I order her to show you around. She is at your disposal. She can help you locate Israna for the Armoury".

OOC; Israna is currently registered as Armoury officer. It is at the back of the ship in the Hold, immediately next to the aft boarding ramp.