Bugging Out – Drawing First Blood
by HoD Ro' Matlh & Soghla' Jared

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Title   Drawing First Blood
Mission   Bugging Out
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh & Soghla' Jared
Posted   Tue Aug 18, 2015 @ 7:45am
Location   FHew Hold
Timeline   Day 5 after briefing
'Well, I might as well go and test this armour out.' Mike thought to herself. 'Though here in sickbay may not be best. The hold would work though.'

Mike grabs her blade off the bench and attaches it to her belt, then heads for the hold

Mike arrives in the hold to find it almost deserted.

'Good, less of a crowd.' She thought and headed over to a corner of the room, out of the way of anyone who was already down here.

She pulled out her blade and started with a few basic drills.

After she had been practising for a few minutes, one of the Klingons came down into the hold. She recognised him as May'Bel - the one who seemed to serve as the leader of the ship's ground forces.

She paused as he took a seat on one of the crates, re-tightening his gloves. He glanced up at her.

"Continue your drills," he said simply. "I can wait for the space."

"Drills will only get me so far." Mike responds. "Though, now that you are here, you're one of the last on my list for a medical exam. If you don't mind standing still for a moment while I take scans and samples?"

May'Bel gave her an impassive look.

"You can scan me at your leisure; I have no fear of being Tricorded. But what exactly do you mean by... samples?"

"As in blood and tissue. A scan can only give me so much detail. Sample are better again." Mike replies. "Is that a yes then?"

May'Bel gave an odd smile. He slid off the box and turned away, then he drew both his disruptors and placed them on the crates where he'd been sitting. A moment later, his twin Tajtiqs came out of their scabbards and went onto the pile.

Then he flexed his shoulders and walked into the practice ring.

"Tell you what, human. I'm not in the habit of bleeding on demand. But I'm willing to let you earn it."

Turning to face her, he raised his hands and went into a shallow crouch - a textbook Klingon unarmed fighting stance. Then he gave Mike a beckoning gesture.

"You want some of my blood? Come take it!"

Mike places her blades on the ground and approaches slowly, not wanting to make the mistake of leaving a gap for the Klingon to get through. Waiting for the correct moment, she moves into strike.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

OCC: You would have a better idea how this should go, cause I do remember us saying that May'Bel needs to win. I'll let you write the fight, and I'll change anything if I need to :)

OOC: Been thinking about this one a bit... Basically the tricky thing of a fight like this is that either one player writes it all - in which case you loose the other player's particular style. Or you write it a bit at a time - and it takes ages and loses a sense of overall flow. So I'm proposing this - we build the fight scene up via a skeleton.

I'll suggest a basic structure of the fight below as a series of A->B->C type combos ("May'Bel Attacks, Mike blocks and counters, disengage and back to fight stance" etc).

If you're happy with the basic structure I suggest, I'll unpack the fight a little more ("May'Bel tries a rapid one-two face & chest strike, Mike blocks both and counter-punches to the guts, May'Bel knocks her clear with a forearm to the chest" etc.) At that point you can respond by modifying Mike's bits to be more Mike-esque, and include a trademark move or two. Then I'll tidy up May'Bel's bits to match.

After that, we can write the post properly - basically unpacking each point from the structure above into a sentance or two of post. That'll allow us to write the whole thing in a few back and forth posts.

So, I suggest the following structure to the fight..

[A] Mike Opens (light probing attack)
[B] May'Bel Blocks (Fairly easily)
[Result] No hit landed

[A] May'Bel Attacks (light probing attack)
[B] Mike Blocks (fairly easily)
[Result] No hit landed

[A] May'Bel Attacks again (light probing attack)
[B] Mike Blocks
[C] May'Bel Pulls surprise follow-up manouver (light hit - making a point)
[Result] Mike takes a light "warning hit"

[A] Mike Attacks (more serious)
[B] May'Bel Blocks and tries a counter-move
[C] Mike Blocks and pulls her own countermove - landing a meduim hit
[Result] May'Bel takes a decent, medium hit - enough to impress

[A] May'Bel Attacks
[B] Mike Tries to block
[C] May'Bel Anticipates the block and follows up with a rather nasty surprise attack
[Result] Mike Takes a meduim hit.

- Mike now realises May'Bel has stopped playing with her - that hit assumed she was a real warrior that could take punishment. Which means:
(1) that the third best warrior aboard is fighting her like a peer, and
(2) if she wasn't careful, she could get really hurt in the next few minutes.

- Cut to the mess hall, where Jared lets the crew know the fight is on - overtones of "Morpheus is Fighting Neo" from "The Matrix".

[A] Mike darts in for a medium hit
[B] May'Bel goes to block
[C] Mike Counters, and gets a light hit in
[Result] May'Bel Takes a light hit

[A] May'Bel charges for a heavy attack
[B] Mike tries to block, but underestimates the strength of the attack
[Result] Mike Takes a medium hit

[A] Mike goes for a clever trick attack
[B] May'Bel blocks and goes for a brutal heavy countermove
[C] Mike JUST dodges and tries a rushed counterattack of her own
[D] May'Bel Blocks, both withdraw
[Result] No Hit

- Mike is realising she needs to go all out - she needs to hurt May'Bel soon or this will end badly for her.

[A] Mike darts in and feints an attack
[B] May'Bel takes the bait, and goes to counter
[C] Mike evades and uses a light attack to put May'Bel off balence
[D] Mike follows up with her best attack - hitting home and doing a lot of damage
[Note] This could be Y's "signature" move, something that would put a human down in 1 hit.
[Result] May'Bel Takes a heavy hit

[A] Mike tries another feint attack
[B] This time May'Bel anticipates, and throws Mike off balence
[C] May'Bel follows up by landing a signature move - something pretty brutal
[Result] Mike Takes a heavy hit

- May'Bel seems to be "Going for the Kill" now.

[A] May'Bel does an unusual, reckless charge
[B] Mike dodges the initial blow, but is slightly off-balence
[C] Mike manages a clumsy counter
[D] Rather than dodging, May'Bel takes the hit - and follows up with his own stronger attack
[Result] May'Bel Takes a light hit, Mike Takes a Medium Hit

[A] May'Bel charges in - heavy attack
[B] Mike blocks (with effort)
[C] Mike feints a countermove
[D] May'Bel goes to block, caught off guard by the feint
[E] May'Bel tries a rushed, clumsy attack
[F] Mike blocks, & counters - medium hit
[G] May'Bel takes the hit
[H] May'Bel surprise attacks - droping Mike to the ground
[F] May'Bel goes for a kill move - and then pulls the blow at the last moment

How does that all sound to you?

OOC: looks good to me, lets go for it!