Empty Promise – A Fresh start
by HoD Ro' Matlh & Lieutenant JG Linx Moonshadow & Ensign Israna Haan & Sogh Germite Ephilom & Ne' Michelle "Mike" Young & Ne' Mariaa'n Si'van & Soghla' Marie St. Helene & Soghla' Jared & Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & Soghla' HIchop Matlh

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Title   A Fresh start
Mission   Empty Promise
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh & Lieutenant JG Linx Moonshadow & Ensign Israna Haan & Sogh Germite Ephilom & Ne' Michelle "Mike" Young & Ne' Mariaa'n Si'van & Soghla' Marie St. Helene & Soghla' Jared & Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & Soghla' HIchop Matlh
Posted   Wed Dec 31, 2014 @ 11:44pm
Location   IKC FHew
Timeline   The first morning
Ro' sat in the Captain's chair on the empty bridge. As the star Iapetus breached the horizon of the sun far below the ship began to warm unevenly and creaked as the metal adjusted. It was a noise Ro' felt in his bones, having been surrounded by it for the past 30 years. It was normally only possible to hear just on the edge of perception above the noise of a Klingon ship.

Today however the ship was empty. Perhaps it would stay that way.

He watched the sunlight spill over the near side of Prometheus station where the ship was docked. Between he and the screen were the Navigation and Communication stations. So many different people had served on them. The human quartermaster who is more Ferengi than Klingon, and the strange thin one who hated Klingons, and the cat woman; all had taken their turn.

He looked over his right shoulder to the Helm station, where human with the strange accent usually stood. He was hard to understand, but by far the best pilot Ro' had seen. Then over his left would be HIchop; adopted into the clan despite his obvious physically deformed flat head. Of course that station was often left to HoS or cousin May'bel as well, if they weren't worried about what was getting shot at. And then there was the green girl, who knew her way around High yield explosives.

Behind was Where Tell and The two Doctors had stood gossiping. For someone who claimed to Hate medics so much, Tell did manage to gravitate to them. Germite had seemed pleased to be out in the action more, while the new Starfleet Doctor seemed to have some special bond with the Chief Engineer. And how did he get to have so many Medics on his ship?

Then on the other side stood Jared. Ah, Jared. Old before Qo'noS was formed. How many times had he saved the ship with a little gadget or trick forgotten to the ages?

Ro' came out of his reverie with a start. There were boot steps on the metal grill of the boom corridor approaching the Bridge. He stood to see who it was.

Mike stepped onto the bridge, arms clasped behind her. She seemed deep on thought. She had taken a few steps in before she realized that there was actually someone else there.

"Apologies, I thought the bridge would have been empty at this hour."

Ro' was a little taken aback, though he would never admit it. "The Bridge? Apart from us it seems the whole ship is vacant. Are you Reporting in, or checking out?"

"Reporting in." Mike replied. "Honestly, I haven't had this much excitement in a long time, and I haven't served with a friend in a long time."

She paused, and smiled slightly, a sight that is not seen in her often. "That is, if you will have me."

"A Friend," Ro' frowned before the light dawned on his face, "Ah! You mean Tell. Well, you are welcome on my ship Human, though I cannot guarantee that Tell will be joining us."

Again the sound of boots echoed up the boom gantry, and another figure stepped through the door. May'Bel had his weapons-kit slung over one arm. He'd had to see the Klingons on the station to replace some of the weapons and toys he'd used on the last mission. Some of his kit had taken a little persuading to replace, but he'd got there in the end.

With little more than a cursory nod at Ro, He walked over to the tactical terminal and logged on - checking weapons inventories and tactical system readiness. Then he logged off again and headed back towards the crew quarters.

For him, there'd never been a question of leaving.

As he exited the bridge, he brushed past Jared, who bustled in with an armful of PADDs. The little man sat down at science and fiddled.

"Looks like Jeeves has fixed a few things while I've been away," Jared reported matter-of-factly, "but I think I've finally managed to persuade him not to upgrade anything without asking. Except the borg nanites. Looks like he's modified them to include particles of Tholium into their design structure. That'll make it a lot easier to track exactly where they are."

He glanced up at Ro', and caught his look.


"Joining us too, are you TiQ?" Ro' asked trying not to smirk.

Jared shrugged, "Well... technically I don't think you're allowed to leave dock without me. Old Gortagh had me officially listed as a mandatory part of the ship's inventory when you were still a Sogh."

Now Ro' did laugh, "Gortagh? You think anyone has read any of his list of instruction since he went to the Spiders?"

Tell arrived, without preamble, and walked over to where Ro was sitting in his chair. She'd been on this ship a long time and considered it her home but there was one thing she wanted to remind him of.

"You do realise, Cap'n, that its nearly Christmas on Earth and some of the crew will be expecting a celebration."

Ro' couldn't help but grin. His people were coming back, "And what do you propose to do about it? I still remember your Valentine's Day feast."

"The usual," she replied with a smirk "bake a cake, make some cookies and get the bar well and truly stocked up. Might even have a pathetic excuse for a Christmas tree somewhere."

There was another tramping of boots at the bridge door...

Marie heard Tell's comment to Ro'. “Oh, gods,no,” she thought. “Please no. I hate Christmas. All that false camaraderie. All that kissing and hugging people you can’t abide the rest of the year.”

She was about to cross to where Tell was standing when a new thought occurred to her. “I suppose they want presents and all! And if anyone so much as suggests singing carols....”

"What's up Marie? Don't you feel just a little bit Christmassy?"

How did she know? Marie thought. Oh, probably the scowl on my face.

“Bah, humbug!” she said. It was something she’d read somewhere though where she didn’t know. It had just come to her.

It had a good feel to it. She turned to Ro’. “Bah, humbug!”

Hichop, came onto the bridge looking like he was still struggling to stand.

Ro looked at him, “Fit for duty?”

Hichop smiled teetered and then dropped out cold. The partying the night before was perhaps just a little too hard. As he lay their he could be heard mumbling, "More Blood Wine."

Tell walked over to where Mike was standing alone a small trace of a smirk appeared on Tells lips. Already the idea of a party was beginning to form in her mind but she would need some help.

"So what do you think then Mike? Shall we put a party together?" asked the engineer

"I haven't done something like this for a few years now." Mike responded. "We were always too busy on my last ship for any kind of party. But I'd be happy to help, if you need it."

"Great," replied Tell "Lets go and see what's in the hold. I have a few bits and bobs, well they were mostly Bobs. Marie can spare a few things from her stash too. She won't mind."

"Sounds like a plan." Mike agreed. "Lead the way."

“What stash!” Marie said. “If you’ve been going through my things again, Tell,” she mumbled to herself,” I’ll have your guts for garters.”

Germite stepped onto the bridge carrying a large red bag. "HO HO HO!" He dropped the bag to the ground. "Some fat guy in a red suit said that and handed me this bag."

OOC Ro': Someone's kidnapped my post! :) M: It's probably in the red sack!

Ro' looked around him and shook his head. An hour ago he was ready to set of in the FHew on his own if necessary. Now he was facing another of Tell's celebrations with so many familiar faces. In many ways these people were more family than those of his own clan. Perhaps he would need to do something about that.

He stepped over HIchop's recumbent form and blocked Tell's path.

"Not so fast, you," he barked. "You will brief me on your plans before anything happens. I enjoyed eating spiders as they spouted from your body, and even the Valentines day massacre, but this..."

Jared stood on his toes and whispered in his ear quickly.

"Really?" Ro' looked surprised "Missile Toes?"

He looked back at the three human women, "All right. Carry on. But take That with you," he gestured to HIchop.

Turning to Germite he glanced at the red sack, "Find out what that is about and dispose of it if necessary. We are not freighting cargo without payment. Helm?"

Germite shrugged. "The guy said that all we had to do was toss this bag out the airlock as soon as we make orbit. Seemed legit to me."

"Strike a light," Bruce appeared nursing his head, "Keep ya shirt on, cobber."

"Set course for the edge of Klingon space. We have a request for us to investigate an anomaly. Jared, get our sensors working again."

Nothing’s going out an airlock without me looking at it first, Marie thought. She edged towards where Germite was standing.

He thumbed the Comms, "May'bel, check the rest of the Marines are on board. HoS, Check our armoury."

He glanced at Bruce who was groaning.

"We will give any stragglers another hour, then we ship out."