On The Job Training – Shore Leave
by Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & HoD Ro' Matlh

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Title   Shore Leave
Mission   On The Job Training
Author(s)   Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & HoD Ro' Matlh
Posted   Thu Jul 21, 2016 @ 9:40pm
Location   Anywhere but here
It felt good to get off the ship and get away from everyone for a change. Though she always thought of the FHew as her home, as there was no where else, it could become stale and claustrophobic. How different it was when she had first joined the FHew. In those early months she had been very afraid to leave the safety and the security of the old rust bucket.

Tell had changed from her Klingon uniform; she didn't want to bring attention to herself and preferred to blend in with those around her as much as she could. She wore clothing that was Bohemian in style and suited her. It gave her curves, softened her hardened edges and made her look attractive with out her realising it.

She turned a corner and she thought about her old friend and how she still missed her even after all this time. What would Marla have made of her new look, Tell doubted that she would ever find a friend like Marla again, she was one in a million. Tell had stopped by a stall that sold some of the clothes that she liked. She turned around to look at something else when she caught sight of the woman that had been on the Bridge of the FHew.

The woman looked distressed and confused, constantly looking around, holding her head with her right hand and using her left to brace herself against the wall. Her orangey-yellow hair was all over her face. She looked up and saw the woman who was on the bridge before... That woman who talked to me... Who bothered to care. Tell. Was that her name? The woman just stared at Tell. Even though she looked fairly dizzy, it seemed as if the woman was reading Tell...

"You ok?" Tell asked her "Do you think you should go back to the ship? You don't look to good."

Weakly, the woman nodded. "Y-yes please.... My head still hurts.... Still spinning...."

"Please send those to the FHew," she asked the stall holder, "and those as well in green."
She took a hold of the woman's arm and guided her along the passageways of the market and shops. She spotted a refreshments stall that looked decent enough with chairs and tables outside.

"How about we stop for something to eat and drink first? You might feel a little better after that. We could talk."

The woman looked around, shyly and confused. "Y-yes! Yes... Yes please. I would like that.."

The woman clung onto Tell's arm as if for dear life as she was guided to a chair. The woman sat down and sighed. "Thank you...."

They sat down at a table that overlooked the market square. Stalls were packed end to end and selling no end of stuff. The likes of which Tell had not seen before. It was a burst of colour where stall holders vied for customers with light hearted banter. She wondered if it was like this every day or was it only when more ships were in than usual.

It made a welcome break from the monotony of ship life on the FHew. A waiter came over and took their order.

"Coffee and chocolate cake please," she asked and then turned to her companion. "What would you like?"

"I.... I don't know..." The woman looks up at the waiter. " I'll have the same as her, please..." The waiter scribbles something down on a notepad, before nodding and walking off.

While they waited Tell looked at the woman intently trying to fathom her out. "do you remember anything about yourself?" she asked "What about your name for instance? I can't keep calling you woman or girl all the time."

The woman slumped. "I don't have a name... At least I don't think. Now that I try to think about it, I don't really remember much at all...." A strand of hair feel onto the woman's face. At first she ignored it. Then she looked at it as if she was confused. "That's.. That's weird..."

The woman grabbed the strands of hair and studied them with her red eyes. "Hmm.. I'm thought my hair was originally yellow or something like that.. I must of been wrong."

The waiter brought over their cake and coffee and put it down in front of them. Tell took one bite, it was delicious. The coffee could have done with being stronger but you can't have everything. "Well, pick a name then," she said "any name you fancy having? If we look for a computer terminal we might be able to find a name that suits you."

"Oh. Yea sure. I guess that's okay..." The woman just looked stared at the cake.

Tell looked at the untouched cake and then at her. "Something wrong? Don't you like your cake?" she asked.

"No! It looks very nice... This... This is all new to me. I can't remember anything about myself... I don't know who I am or what I was... It troubles me..." The woman's hair deeper in a sunny yellow colour.

"Well the theory is that chocolate heals all and it's worth a try. They used to call people who had no history or name Jane Doe or John Doe, if you are male. What about Jane then?"

The woman shook her head. "That's too generic... Also, I don't really like the name of Jane." She then placed her arm on the table, rested her head in her hand as she looked around the restaurant. Eyes flicking from person to person.

"Let's get back to the ship then, perhaps we can find a name for you on the way." suggested Tell.

"If you wish." The woman says as she gets up from the chair, barely even touching the cake.

"I have a few more things to pick up on the way back." replied Tell "Is there anything you want to get? Better get it now, we might not stop by another station for a while."

Tell had just seen some pretty scarves on one of the stalls and had handed over the cash when she saw her companions face turn a deathly shade of grey. For a moment Tell thought that she would have to carry her back to the Fhew. "What is it what's wrong?"

The girl walked with Tell for a moment before gasping and holding her head slightly.

"I see space... Lots and lots of space. And stars.... Black hole.. Images of.. A black hole.."

Tell almost dragged her to a seating area, encouraging her to take slow deep breaths.

"You've remembered something. What do you think it means?"

The girl took deep breathes as she tried to think about what the images in her mind could mean.
"I... I don't know! It's just... I don't get it... Wait.. A name.. A name flashing over and over... Rana. Rana. That must be my name..." The woman stumbled a little.

"I.... I don't feel so... So good..." The woman collapsed on the floor.

Tell felt her pulse, she was still alive thank goodness, just feinted. "Rana, Rana can you hear me? Were going back to the ship and let the Doctor look at you."

Tell picked her up and slung her over her shoulder.