Operation Tourniquet – Emergency Medical
by HoD Ro' Matlh & Soghla' HIchop Matlh & Sogh Germite Ephilom & Ne' Michelle "Mike" Young

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Title   Emergency Medical
Mission   Operation Tourniquet
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh & Soghla' HIchop Matlh & Sogh Germite Ephilom & Ne' Michelle "Mike" Young
Posted   Mon May 16, 2016 @ 1:16am
Location   Kut'luc
The red glow faded and Hichop, Germite and Mike looked around the transporter room of the Neg'var class Kut'luc. The Kut'luc was an impressive ship, easily the equivalent of a Federation Galaxy class and there was very little obvious battle damage here. However, the keen eye could pick up the signs, such as non essential system panel being powered down and the smell of smoke the air cyclers had not completely purged.

A Klingon beq was waiting for them. He spoke directly to HIchop as the ranking officer, "Sir, I have been asked to escort you to our infirmary. We are acting as the primary medical support unit for the fleet, or what remains of it."

Hichop looked into the eyes of the beq, "I am no stranger to this vessel class. Tend to your duties and we will make our way to the infirmary."

Hichop took the lead and a few minutes later all three arrived in the infirmary. This was a Klingon facility, but it was on a major ship so it was much better appointed than the FHew. However, this was still not a place where people were brought to linger. This was Klingon Medicine.

Normal triage set aside those who needed immediate treatment, those who could wait, and those who were beyond help. In Klingon Triage, it was those who needed treatment, those who could return to their posts, and those who needed to be put down, so they can die on their feet with honour.

At first Mike refused to do this, so she was relegated to the surgery, where she was able to do her best work. Hichop, having served as an orderly in the Matlh Hospital on Qo'noS was soon ferrying patients, while Germite was responsible for most of the actual dispatching. He turned out to be very good at ending the suffering of Klingons quickly and honourably.

Mike was in the middle of bypassing a redundant lung when the red alert sounded. A voice called over the Comms.

,'. The Gorn have entered long range sensors. Battle stations. ,'.

A Klingon appeared at her arm, "If you wish to return to your ship you will need to do so now. Leave this one and I will close the wound."

"I shall do just that then." Mike replied. She grabbed her things and headed for the ship, and passed Hichop and Germite in the corridor.

"I am returning to the ship, I feel they may need as much assistance as they do here now."

In the corridor outside Hichop and Germite were lowering a body to the ground when the call came. they glanced at each other, wondering whether to stay or go.

Germite looked at HIchop. "I will stay and tend to the wounded as they arrive."

HIchop straightened, nodding to Mike, "You go ahead. I will inform the Captain of our departure.

Mike moved off to the Teleporter room while HIchop moved quickly to the Bridge. It was chaos as a number of junior beq were scrambling between stations.

"Hwere is the HoD?" Hicop bellowed.

"Dead," responded the Ne' closes to him.

"The XO?" HIchop asked again.

"Dead, also." the junior responded. "Most of the officers died in the attack.

"Who is the ranking officer now?" HIchop looked around in disbelief.

"I am," the crewman replied, though his voice quavered slightly. The Kut'luc is a Neg'var class ship, biggest class in the fleet, and was currently being commanded by the equivalent of an Accademy Graduate Ensign.

The bridge shook as the first volley of weapon fire hit the shields.

"Disengage from umbilicals," the acting Captain bellowed. "Get us clear of the station."

"The fleet is being impeded by small Gorn attack craft," Operations reported.

"Deploy counter measures! Clear us a path."

"Where to?"

The officer glanced at HIchop, then said, "Towards the Enemy fleet. We are still the flagship, and if the Gorn take this station then the whole sector will be theirs."

"The D'voras and NiH'tah are forming up with us."

"Power to forward shields and weapons!"

The three large ships strode boldly towards the much larger fleet which seemed to falter and move away before them.

"See how they flee!" the Acting Captain crowed. "The day will be ours yet!"

HIchop frowned it was too easy. The enemy fleet had formed into a corridor around them, and at the end...

... Was one of the biggest ships HIchop had ever seen. It was almost all gun barrel with engines and a small command centre strapped to it. And the Three Klingon ship's were bunched right in its firing line.