Operation Tourniquet – The Battle Joined
by HoD Ro' Matlh & Sogh Germite Ephilom & Ne' Michelle "Mike" Young & Soghla' HIchop Matlh & Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & Soghla' Jared & Soghla' Marie St. Helene

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Title   The Battle Joined
Mission   Operation Tourniquet
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh & Sogh Germite Ephilom & Ne' Michelle "Mike" Young & Soghla' HIchop Matlh & Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & Soghla' Jared & Soghla' Marie St. Helene
Posted   Fri Jun 03, 2016 @ 12:33am
Location   Tengchah 20
With the arrival of the Gorn fleet the Klingons, once again, were forced into action.

Outside the station some of the bigger ships were powering up and trying to move away, hindered by fire from some of the smaller and faster Gorn vessels. The B'rel and K'vort were doing what they could, but it wasn't until the Neg'var class ship, Kut'luc, was able to deploy it's weapons that any real headway was made to engage the enemy fleet.

The Kut'luc took the lead, flanked by the D'vorsa and NiH'tah. The Gorn ships fell away from the arrowhead; a little too conveniently, it would seem. As it turned out, they were opening a neat firing column for their biggest gun ship at the back. It was almost all gun barrel with engines and a small command centre strapped to it. It was slow and hard to aim, but the three big ships were not very maneuverable, and were now contained in a column of enemy ships.

White light lanced out at the Klingon ships which had realized the trap a moment too late and were trying to get out of the line of fire. The front section of the NiH'tah dissolved in an instant; shields, armour, hull, all vanishing like paper under a blow torch.

The Engineering section spun away, all but useless and ignored by the Gorn Fleet. On board Tell clung to a bulkhead as the giddy spin threatened to throw her off her feet.

"Damn it," she cursed as she tried to get herself upright and steady but without much success. "just another awful day in paradise."

The D'Vorsa had suffered minor damage and lost it's forward shields, while the Kut'luc had managed to turn and take the majority of damage to the starboard shields. HIchop moved to the command chair, the surviving officer of the original crew, little more than a junior lieutenant made no protest.

"Your orders, sir?"

Hichop bellowed, "Get us out of the fire arc of that ship. Open the way to let other ships out of her firing corridor!"

The Kut'luc swung to Port and dove at the flanking line of ships. Gorn ships were heavier and less maneuverable than their Klingon counterparts but far more durable.

"Damage to the Starboard sections. We have lost power to Torpedo bays 10-15."

"Bring us around," Hichop glowered. "If we are to die today, we will set the price high. Prepare to ram the main Gorn ship."

Further in the bowels of the Kut'luc, Germite staggered under the weight of the unconscious Klingon. The Kut'luc medical bay was manned by nurses and field medics like him. The injured and dead were pouring in. It was hard to imagine there was anyone left at their stations.

Germite dropped the body on one of the few unoccupied tables. He felt for a pulse and found a strong pulse. Experience had taught Germite that Klingons bodies repaired themselves quickly if kept alive. He also knew that they were unpredicable as to when they would regain consciousness on their own. They were in battle and this Klingon needed to be on his feet, if for no other reason that he was in the way in the medical bay. He grabbed a tricorder and confirmed his diagnosis. What he really needed to wake this Klingon up was a cortical stimulator. They didn't have anything that advanced on the F'Hew, but, then again, they weren't on the F'hew. Germite walked over to one of the supply cabinets and there it was, a cortical stimulator. He could hardly believe his eyes. He grabbed it off the shelf before someone else took it, then made his way back to his patient. He placed the device on the Klingon, then took a step back and activated it using the tricorder. The Klingon sat up. "nuqDaq!!!" (where am I).

Germite looked at him, "Sick Bay." The Klingon started to say something. Germite stopped him. "On your feet, warrior!!! The battle is still raging."

The Klingon stumbled to his feet, then staggered out of the mediical bay.

A group of ships that had broken of from the main fleet and were heading unopposed towards the far side of the station with boarding parties.

On the Station itself Jared was working on the Navigational deflector to try and disrupt the Gorn super weapon. Unfortunately, he had no idea how long the weapon took to charge... or how long the modifications would take... or if they would work...

May'bel had opened holes in the shield to invite the Gorn boarding parties to land in locations that favoured the Klingons. It seemed like the Gorn were taking the bait. May'bel led a team to the Open cargo bay where the smell of cutting torches was already filling the air. Maybel immediately directed his troops to set up a crossfire.

"Unleash hell on the Lizards," he commanded. "No one gets extra points for preserving their ammo today!"

Meanwhile, in the command centre, Marie was trying to get through to the FHew.

"Channel open, sir."

Marie’s voice came over the comms channel. It sounded strained; close to breaking point. =^=Ro’, we need your help. Jared thinks only a small ship like a B’rel could get close enough to the Gorn monster to distract it. Looks like your old warhorse might have another moment of glory in her yet.=^=

On the FHew Ro' was yelling orders when the communication came in.

"Bring us around! Concentrate on the fighters, until the D'voras can get her shields back up."

The beeping of the coms continued, and Ro glanced around the bridge to the skeleton crew he still had on board, "Mike, either answer that or turn it off!"

Mike opened channel. "It's command, sir."

Marie's message came through: =^=Ro’, we need your help. Jared thinks only a small ship like a B’rel could get close enough to the Gorn monster to distract it. Looks like your old warhorse might have another moment of glory in her yet.=^=

Ro' turned wide eyed to the comms unit, "A full frontal assault on that ship in a B'rel? Does she actually think I am immortal? Even if we flew cloaked till we were right next to the beast, our disruptors wouldn't even mark her armour."

Ro' ground his teeth in frustration. They were going to loose this battle. "Weapon status?"

From tactical HoS reported, "Disruptors on line, but power reserves are down to 82%. Forward Launcher online. Aft Launcher off line but operational."

"Aft Launcher?" Ro' was momentarily confused. He had been on this ship for 50 years and there had never been an... Realisation dawned. "The Lyan weapon!"

"HoS, engage forward auxilary generator and raise cloak. Helm, Set course 30 mark 98. Bring the Lyan Ship killer on line."

He picked up the communicator, "Marie, we have a plan, but we are going to need the Gorn ship to stay stationary for a short time. It has remained stationary to target and fire it's own gun. That means we need to give it something to fire at. Any suggestions?"

“Your Klingon friends seem to be doing a good job of that,” she mumbled but realised it was probably loud enough to be heard, even over the din on the bridge. “We’re not sure how long the gun takes to reload but it seems to be a long time.”

She turned to Jared. “Best guess?”

Jared just called over his shoulder. "I have only seen it fire once in the eight minutes they have been in range. So... more than four minutes, less than eight."

“It’s not very manoeuvrable. I think once they have a target they latch on and don’t let go until it’s been destroyed. That makes this station the best option. Hate to say it but it’d be my choice. Once down, Federation defence in this system goes with it. Get your ships to target the Gorn fighters as if trying to clear a way out of this mess. As they move, they’ll open a line of fire to us. If they’re slow about it, that should give you time to move in under their sights.”

"Acknowledged, Command," Ro' responded.

There was a shower of sparks and HoS was thrown back as his panel exploded. Ro' barely glanced in his direction before ordering Mike, "Take the XO station and set it to work as Tactical. YOu are in charge of the weapons. Do not attempt to fire while we are still cloaked. Helm upt us through the hole the Kut'luc has opened and get us close to the target.