The Prize – Calculations complete
by HoD Ro' Matlh & Soghla' HIchop Matlh

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Title   Calculations complete
Mission   The Prize
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh & Soghla' HIchop Matlh
Posted   Tue Jan 10, 2017 @ 12:27am
Location   IKC Fhew
The FHew drifted through space, away from the du'lap colony. She was old, and it took her time to get places if there was no emergency.

Tell and JacqwI' were running the engines at low power now they were on a routine patrol. It gave them time to refine, repair and replace various parts that could not be worked at while the engines ran hot.

On the bridge the skeleton crew were relaxed to the point of almost boredom, and a bored Klingon crew can be a dangerous thing. Ro' was in his room, remembering, with the help of wine and song with Jared. Zorc had been given command of the bridge, more because no one else wanted it, but perhaps Ro' was watching to see what the newest officer would do with the role.

Marie sat in medical while Germite and Mike went over her with a fine tooth comb to ensure no lasting impact from the nanites. Most had been flushed from her system, given the opportunity to return to the collective. Now they were just monitoring with one of Jared's devices to make sure none had managed to sneak back in the other direction.

HIchop sat in the hold with his combat suit. He had finally had his chane to carry it into battle and it had performed well, but he had been disapointed at how quickly the ammo stores had depleted. he was currently looking at replacing the solid slug ammo with a rotary disruptor cannon, but having trouble sorting out the heat exchange. The newer weapon may well overheat and lock up sooner than the other ran out of bullets.

There was a subtle change in the room that occured before the ship's new computer, Jeeves, was about to speak. Jeeves was easily as intelligent as some of the younger officers on board, and had learned that surprising Klingons working on weapons was not a good idea.

"Soghla' HIchop Matlh," it began, "I have completed the task you set out for me."

Hichop grunted as he dropped an addtional cooling unit into place. The weight balance was off now. He wouldn't be able to move the gun arm fast enough.

"What task?" he grunted.

"When I was first rebooted as a clean install on your system you set me a task. I have now completed it."

HIchop tore the coolant unit off again with a growl, "Good. Fine. Give yourself an electronic pat on the back."

Jeeves persevered, "Do you remember the task?"

"No," HIchop admitted, considering moving the whole unit to a choulder mount. "Nor do I care."

"You asked me to calculate how you could destroy the Corporation, at any cost. That caluclation is now complete," Jeeves almost sounded smug.

HIchop tunred and looked at the wall mounted speaker. Suddenly he was very interested. "Is it possible?"

"Quite managable. The mission would take three weeks and has a 96% chance of reducing the Corporation's capacity to 12% of it's current market capability within the next financial period."

HIchop stared, "How can you know that?"

Jeeves almost sighed, "I am an artificial construct built by a Master artisan of an Ancient race. I worked within the constraints of the Corporation with access to their entire data interface. It was only ever a matter of time."

HIchop considered, "The crew may be difficult to convince..."

"I have ensured that, if my mission plan is followed, there is less than 5% chance of any injury or loss of life to the crew. There is also a 0.02% chance that this mission will remove the Corporation completely."

HIchop put his tools down and gave Jeeves his full atention, "All right tell me..."