DS14 Crossover – Not my Uber
by HoD Ro' Matlh

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Title   Not my Uber
Mission   DS14 Crossover
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh
Posted   Mon Jan 30, 2017 @ 3:26am
The chime on Ael's door rang incessantly. The person on the other side certainly didn't want to wait long for a response.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” Rahaen'fvil yelled. “At least let me get some clothes on.”

She ran up to the door. The door opened to Otto Zuse and a young human in Starfleet uniform. She finished pulling the top over her head and did up the zip at the side of her pants.


"Grab your stuff," Otto whispered urgently. "Your ride is here."

“Ride?” she asked breathlessly.

The young human, with a strong Australian accent provided an answer, "Seems word got out that you needed a lift to Romulan space, and the Federation couldn't get you there. My ship can, but no one is supposed to know about it. We are docked at bay 12, but need to be gone in an hour."

Otto was almost hopping with impatience, "I will go and get the St Clare sisters. Meet you in the dock in 15 minutes."

With that he dashed away leaving the human and Romulan together.

"Bruce Air," the young man offered his hand. "Need help carrying anything?"

“Come with me.” Rahaen'fvi dashed back inside. “That set of drawers over there,” she instructed, pointing towards her bedroom. “Two things from each one. There’s a bag under the bed, put them in it.”

She dashed over to an old blanket box in the middle of the lounge room. From it she took two phase rifles. She was about to close it again but hesitated. Reaching in she grabbed a third.

She turned towards her bedroom. The unknown man was just coming out. “Catch,” she called, tossing the third rifle to him.

The man caught it comfortably in his off hand, "Didn't figure you for a Phaser girl. Thought Romulan hip disruptor."

He flicked the chamber with practiced grace. This man was comfortable around weapons and the Starfleet uniform was more than costume. "She's a good weapon, but you probably won't need them on my ship. We are well stocked and... well, they do scream 'Federation involvement'."

“You get me a disrupter and I’ll happily use it,” Rahaen'fvil replied. “But you humans have a saying, I believe: needs must as the devil drives. I make do with what’s available. Now let’s get moving.”

Arriving at Bay 12 the pair were greeted by a Giant Klinogn in full armour. The man stood a comfortable two meters tall and looked with silent disdain at the pair as they arrived.

"HoS," the man acknowledged the guard with a nod and moved on through the lock.

The smell grabbed Ael by the lungs as she stepped through. There was no mistaking the smell of a Klingon ship, especially a small B'rel class where the scent of unwashed crew and frightened live food gave it a unique 'closeness' to the atmosphere. Just inside the door was another human woman, with a glower more sever than the Klingon guard.

"Marie here will show you around," Bruce nodded, handing the bag and the phaser rifle back to Ael. "Don't mind her attitude. She always get stuck showing the new people the ropes. I think the Captain has kicked her out of her room so you can have one with a shower in it. Isn't that nice?"

He ducked with practiced ease as Marie threw a heavy object at him.

Rahaen'fvil looked at the human woman. She noted the scowl on her face. Rahaen'fvil didn’t need to be Betazoid to sense that this woman thought the whole quadrant was against her. Just my kind of girl, she thought. She looks like she has good reason for feeling perpetually put upon too.

Aowyn and Arwen arrived at the same time and laden down. It was a mad rush to get everything they needed and even then they could have taken more. They stopped at the ramp leading in to the FHew and looked at the large Klingon standing there.

The giant referred to as HoS just indicated with his head into the ship while watching a pair of Xanthians jogging up. They were accompanied by a medic in Starfleet colours.

As everyone began to pile in the hold Tell and jaqwI' the engineers watched. At a nod from HoS, jaqwI' pressed the comms to the bridge, "jonta' tI'luta'."

"ToH," came the reply. "We set course for Romulan space. Have someone who is in charge of their party come to the bridge."

“Don’t know about ‘leader’,” Rahaen'fvil replied, “but I’m the resident Romulan and I know about the planet we’re heading for. Guess that makes me the obvious choice.”

Tell watched the female officers come aboard and thought back to a time when she almost became a Fleeter herself. That felt like a life time ago and she had convinced herself that the uniform didn't quite match her exacting standards.

Marie watched them too and decided the uniform didn’t match her hair colour.

Tell looked at the twins in their different clothes; as un-Starfleet as they could possibly be. She looked forward to getting to know them. It would make a nice change to the present company around here.

"I'm going to the Bridge." she told JaqwI'.

Tell kicked the door to the Bridge at the right angle and it opened, just. She kept a small container of WD40 close at hand and squirted some along the edge of the track. It shut a little easier. Damn thing, one of these days she would rip it from the wall and then no flaming door was better than one that didn't work.

"Engineering standing by Cap'n"

Ro', an ancient and grizzled Klingon, nodded and looked to Rahaen'fvil as she arrived. He spoke in fluent Romulan, "It is a long time since we have had one of you on our Bridge. So tell me, where is it exactly we are going, and what is it you are trying to find there?"

It took Rahaen'fvil a few moments to work out what this imposing Klingon had said, delivered as it was in High Romulan; the language of the Senate and the Imperial family. It was the same language as she spoke – in theory – but with a completely different accent and none of her more colourful idioms she used...or even her less colourful ones.

“There is a planet just inside Romulan space,” she replied. “It is close but I advise against the direct route. I recommend we skirt around it and approach from the D’deridex side. Romulan patrols will be all around it but their focus is the side facing Federation space and The Triangle. Also, they will be on full alert. The Senate is itching for an excuse to push back into the corridor and would welcome an incursion into Romulan space, especially if they caught the ship involved.

“As to what we’re trying to find, it is a small plant that grows in abundance. But we will need to harvest kilograms of it and that will take time. It is only small and it takes many, many plants to make up a single kilogram.”

Flower plucking, thought Tell. Is this what were reduced too? Well she had better make sure she picked most of it. Wouldn't do to let Marie pluck it all now would it?