DS14 Crossover – Going home with the plants
by HoD Ro' Matlh

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Title   Going home with the plants
Mission   DS14 Crossover
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh
Posted   Thu Apr 13, 2017 @ 1:04am
Location   IKC FHew
The hold of the Fhew was bursting at the seams and so was every other available space that could be found any where on the ship. The ship would be smelling for weeks which Tell thought would be more pleasant than it's usual perfume.

Unfortunately the Hold had direct air ducts to the live larder store, and the smell was not doing any good for the Targ and other creatures.

"Tell to Bridge."

Ro' punched the button on his chair. This job had already taken too long, "Nuq neQ!"

"All set to go Cap'n."

"ToH!" Ro' responded. "About time. Secure Airlock and prepare for departure."

Sitting back he ordered his crew, "Helm, get us off this rock. Marie, stand by Tactical to engage cloak. Jared, keep your eyes peeled for Romulan scouts. Our maneuverability is compromised with this load. I don't want to have to do any tight turns."

The FHew lifted into the air quickly and began to climb.

Air on the helm was watching the gauges, "Tell, I am getting a warning light on the Port RCS thrusters. They're running hot. We might have picked up some junk in the intakes."

Tell tapped the annoying flickering warning light on the panel in front of her. It returned to normal, it was probably a short circuit and nothing to worry about.

Damn it she thought and let loose a Klingon. curse.

"Filters are clogged Cap'n. Probably due to plant pollen. I should be able to clear it more when we reach space. Then I can purge the filters. Your gonna have to climb pretty damn quick though otherwise we'll fall out the sky like a stone."

Leaving orbit the FHew turned to head back to Federation space, but first it needed to get past the Sentinel.

"Engage cloak," Ro' ordered.

“Cloak up,” Marie replied.

"Helm, set a course past the Sentinel. Prepare for silent running."

The FHew disappeared from view, but Air was sweating.

"I... I don't think we can do it. The port thrusters are still hot. Our Yaw is out and they are throwing a heat signal."

Ro' looked to Tactical. With their cloak up they had no shields. For a moment,as they dropped their cloak they would be defenseless and in easy sight of the Sentinel; a sitting duck.

"Marie, can we take it out?"

Maire punched some buttons. She was about to reply when Rahaen'fvil leaned over her shoulder. “You, human!” the Romulan soldier called to Air, “can you take us round to Bearing 179, Mark 55?”

Air whistled between his teeth, "Short RCS burst and we will be in position. But it'll light us up."

“If we come in under the sentinel there’s a weak spot. Or at least there was in the older designs. I doubt the Empire has had the money or the inclination to install a newer one out here.”

Air breathed deeply and placed the coordinates ready to use, "If you are wrong about that weak spot, we won't get a second shot."

Tell kicked the corner of the frame with her boot. The door had been fixed and it was opening fine for a change but old habits like traditions, die hard. She appeared on the Bridge and went to the engineering section. They should be going like a bat out of hell if they were ever going to purge the pollen out of the filters. She scanned the sentinel and picked up a small energy.

"We need to climb higher Cap'n and quicker. I'm picking up a small energy trace on the Sentinel that wasn't there before. I wouldn't recommend 'taking it out'. It could trigger something."

Ro' took the advisement. "I am not big on 'Might do Something's. I prefer the 'Fast strike here' things. Power to forward shields. Lock weapons. Engage manoeuver!"

The Fhew gave a jump to the left as it shimmered back into view. The Sentinel twitched and spun up it's weapons, as the power flooded back to the FHew's disruptors and Shield Emitters.

There was a brief exchange of fire and the FHew shook as the bridge went dark except for showers of sparks and the Life support panel which burst into flame. Voices came through the dark.

"Did we get it?"

"We're still here, aren't we?"

Ro's voice boomed out, "Report!"

“Weapons are down!” Marie reported.

Air provided more bad news, "Main power off line. No weapons, shields, Warp power, Life Support and limited sensors."

"Tell, get to Engineering and restore power. We need to be out of here before anyone comes to find out what happened. You," Ro' pointed to Rahaen'fvil, "without Life support, your plants are our Oxygen scrubbers. Move them to key places around the ship."

Rahaen'fvil jumped to obey. She might not like Klingons but this particular one seemed to know what he was doing. Certainly he hadn’t countermanded her suggestion which was a big plus in her mind.

Tell resisted the urge to tell Ro' what she thought about him and muttered something in her own language that he couldn't possibly understand. She kicked the damn door open and made her way to engineering. The doors swung open and what a mess it was. They would be lucky to get anything to work.