Alligences 1 – Drinking to remember
by HoD Ro' Matlh

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Title   Drinking to remember
Mission   Alligences 1
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh
Posted   Mon May 24, 2010 @ 10:37am
Location   A bar on Ubatti

"HIbaH [Fire torpedoes]!"

Burning in the mouth... or at least mostly in the mouth. There seemed to be some difficulty in getting it all in one gulp.


Was that blood he could feel on the side of his face?


There was a face. A human. It was sideways.

"NuqneH [what do you want?]!"

"You're the Captain of the FHew?"


"You ARE the captain of the Klingon ship the FHew."

"ToQDujwiJbej [The ship is certainly mine]."

Sticky face.

"You have an odd crew, captain. You employ Humans. I want to take one of them off your hands. How much for the Engineer?"

"QablIj Humegh [You have a sticky face]."

"Captain, I want to buy your engineer."


"WejpuH. Ghobe'. [Charming (sarcastic). No deal]"

"You think you can trust her, Captain, but you are wrong. She doesn't know respect. She knows nothing of honouring those who are in charge of her. She will cut you and run, just like she always does."

The face went away.

The sticky face remained.

It wasn't the Human’s face that was sticky then.


It was his face. It was stuck to something.

Jared's face.

Was it stuck to a wall? No there was another word for it.

"Hod Ro'?" Jared's voice was in his ear.


His face was stuck to the Table. Why was his face stuck to the table?

"Qu'vatlh! QabwIj. WIyvamDaj Humtah vIneHchugh, paghmumeV [It's my face. If I want it stuck to this tactical display then no one will stop me]!"

Jared's voice still filtered through, "I think we are in for some trouble..."

Ro' leapt to his feet bellowing, "Beq Heghegh, yoD! YIbaH may'Duj Breen[Crewmen, raise shields! Open fire on the Breen battle cruiser]!"

It was at this point that someone hit Ro' with the floor.