Alligences 1 – The Party
by HoD Ro' Matlh & Ne' Leah Vien & Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & Soghla' Jared & Eredh Hay'legh

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Title   The Party
Mission   Alligences 1
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh & Ne' Leah Vien & Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & Soghla' Jared & Eredh Hay'legh
Posted   Sat May 29, 2010 @ 1:23am
Location   Back Docks of Ubatti
Timeline   Later the first evening
The noise could be heard streets away as a low thumping. By the time they arrived at the venue Hay’legh’s ears were already hurting. The noise was like a solid wall and the lights and smoke made vision inside almost impossible. Figures could be seen moving through the haze, presumably enjoying themselves.

Hay'legh nodded to one of the Beqs who moved off to scout around the venue. The rest of the group moved inside. A man inside the door smiled at them and thrust a drink into their hands as they moved past. The Beqs moved off amongst the crowd to find positions where they could observe without being conspicuous.

Jared and Tell moved through the crowd looking for Leah. Most of the people at the party seemed to be Human or Andorian, with a handful of Ubatti and at least one Nausican. The smoke made it difficult to breath but they caught site of Leah standing at the bar talking to a rough clad human. As they approached she immediately ignored the man to greet the odd pair.

Leah raised a hand and gestured Jared and Tell toward the bar upon spotting the two. "Well Hi there again!" Leah turned in her seat and smiled to Jared. "I was worried you where not going to make it tonight."

"No, no... just... letting the drinks from the people of Scotch wear off a little. I seemed to have trouble finding my way back to the ship after our last meeting. This it Tell, our engineer. Tell this is... you know... I don't think you ever told me your name!"

Leah shifted her eyes to Tell "Hi there, I'm Leah, your friend there has quiet the stories about you." Leah grinned and glanced them bother over a minute more.

Tell nodded afforded her a small smile and then looked at Jared. "He's a good storyteller, I hope they weren't all that bad."

"You two look stiffer then a ridgeback Vinorian Lizard... here" Leah leaned back and took to glasses the bartender had just placed on the bar, and placed one in each of there hands. The liquid inside the glass had a nice effect of slightly turning to a different colour with each individual that held it. Leah's had shifted from a green to a rather hot pink.

Jared looked at his own glass, and the vivid Turquoise it had turned. Fascinating! Reactive to pheromones, perhaps? He had the overwhelming urge to scan it, although it might be considered impolite.

Instead, he drained the glass. If this girl was nothing more than she appeared to be, then it was probably just good manners. If there was something debilitating in there... well... if this turned into a fight it wasn't going to be his involvement that saved the day. And it wouldn't hurt to let them believe the F'Hew crew wasn't on-guard.

"Drink up and relax, my table is just this way" Leah ushered them in the right direction to a large off-centred oval table that was illuminated in a mood lit cobalt blue hue. Two men and two women where already there, but at the distance they couldn't be clearly seen.

Jared followed cheerily, squinting to make out the figures through the haze.

Tell looked around her and hated the place, it was to noisy, to crowded and to hot. She accepted the drink which turned from green to an intense orange. Bright as it was she couldn't bring herself to drink it, Leah friendly as she was was a total stranger to Tell.

Hay’legh hung back watching the conversation when suddenly a thin Ubatti blocked her view.
“I am so pleased that your people have finally consented to trade here,” he bubbled happily. “I think it will be a time of prosperity and commerce for both our people. Here’s to the Star Empire!”

He held his hand up in a toast. Hay’legh realised she still had the glass given to her at the door in her hand.

She glanced at the trader and then down at her glass. "We do not 'toast' in the empire. But I will bow to local custom." Hay'Legh raised her own glass. "To the Star Empire!"

She watched as he raised his glass to his lips and slowly followed suit. It was at this point that she felt something brush against her back and Hay'Legh emphasised the effect of the nudge and let herself stumble forward spilling her drink. She turned and growled at the human behind her. "Clumsy oaf!"

The human smiled at her, "My apologies Lieutenant. Let me buy you something to replace it. Name your poison... That's just an expression, you know."

Hay'Legh could feel sweat beading again on her brow. fvadt [Damn] she had a horrid feeling she was falling sick to something.

"I'll have a Romulan Ale, if they have it." That should get rid of the human. She turned to the trader, thinking to herself how hot in this place is becoming. "Excuse me while I go and mop this drink off of me." The Rihan then moved away keeping an eye on Jared and Tell.

The people around the table were jovial enough. And Jared soon proved very popular with his limerics. He was either doing a spectacular job of acting or he was more drunk than Tell had ever seen him be. Tell held her drink, untouched in her hand. She nearly droped it when a familiar voice came from behind her.

"Hello, again, Mrs Jones. It is so good to see you here."

The colour drained from her face as she turned to see Gerrat Jones standing behind her.

"You" she almost spat it at him.

He smiled warmly, "You haven't touched your drink, Darling. That's not like you. Such a shame too. Everyone else has been drinking.

Jared felt the strong arms of the men beside him at teh table rest on his, just incase he wanted to try something clever.

Tell took a sip of the drink and then threw the rest of the foul liquid into Gerrat's face and watched it drip from those features she once knew so well. "I should have put a knife in your back... the night I lesh you.... left you ..." Her voice slurred, and then she double tapped the comm badge that Jared had set up for her so she could transport back to the Fhew, nothing happened. She tried to fight a rising panic that threatened to engulf her and pull her under. She stepped away from him "I saw your pathetic ... cuse of a hip" She began to laugh, felt dreadfully sick and dizzy. "You know what they say? Little hip's .... ittle..." and she made a gesture with her fingers that indicated a part of Gerrat's anatomy. She turned to Jared "It wush ake a hmm song." She stepped back even further.

Unfortunately, this meant she was now backing into Gerrat. He gripped her firmly, "Still haven't learnt respect I see. You will."

Tell slumped into his arms.

Hay'legh was definitely feeling unwell. Her head was begining to spin and she was finding it very hard to concentrate. She felt the need for some fresh air and began to move to the entrance but her path was blocked by the Human with a large Romulan Ale.

"You do know this stuff is illegal in Federation space? I hope at least you will give me a dance after the amount I had to pay for it."

Before she could answer she slumped forward and the man caught her.

Jared looked groggily into his glass. It couldn't have been drugged. Drugs don't work on him like that. It is usually the airborne ones that...

He looked at the unconcious Tell, the men holding him firmly, and the smokey room. Smoke.

"Oh," he managed before passing out.