Alligences 1 – Highly Charged
by HoD Ro' Matlh & Sogh Marla Varquis

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Title   Highly Charged
Mission   Alligences 1
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh & Sogh Marla Varquis
Posted   Mon Jun 07, 2010 @ 2:16pm
Location   Ubatti Capital
Timeline   The Day after the Party
The Courtroom was an unassuming place with pale walls and minimal furniture.

There was a dock for the accused, in this case Ro', Marla and one of the Beqs. The others were still in the Holding Cell.

There was a table and chair for the single lawyer who was present; Chief Prosecutor Petri. He hada pile of documentation in front of him. There was no place for a defence attorney.

The panel of three judges sat behind a long table and were making notes already. The head judge spoke.

"Session 373-B-29 on this date. The Law vs the crew of teh IKC FHew. Representatives of the Crew are present. The charges are disturbing the peace, three counts of murder, and, most seriously, smuggling. How do you plead?"

Ro' looked at Marla, "What is he asking?"

"He is asking us whether we are guilty or innocent."

"Of what?" Ro' asked.


"We will hear the evidence."

CP Petri stood up and walked to the front of his desk, "It is pretty simple case, your honours," he summarised while the others looked through the papers. "Three weeks ago a group of Nausican traders were caught, conviceted and executed for smuggling disruptor rifles."

One of the judeges interupted, "Council is aware that arms trade is no longer outlawed?"

Petri bowed in acknowledgement, "Indeed, sir. Now it only carries alarger than normal tariff. It may be for this reason that the Nausicans chose to smuggle rather than trade openly. It is a mtter for accademic conjecture, but the fact is that smuggling did take place."

Petri brought an picture of the symbol of House Matlh over to the Klingons, "Do you recognise this symbol?"

Marla's jaw dropped. "Yes, I do." She looked over at Ro' with her jaw still almost touching the floor.

Ro's eyes fixed on the prosecuter but he said nothing.

"Will you please tell the court what you see here. Remember that resistance is considered an act of guilty agmission in this court."

"That is the symbol for the House of Matlh."

Petri nodded, "All the rifles and much of the Nausican gear carried this same symbol; a Klingon brand. Starfleet confirms it is the emblem of House Matlh. When the Nausicans were shut down they obviously decided to send this B'rel. Same house design is on the ship and all the gear. We issued a search warrant but the crew opened fire. As you know resistance is admission of guilt."

The head judge looks at the group, "How can you explain this?"

Ro' growled, "I cannot."

Petri approached the bench, "Your Homours, I move that the full weight of the law be brought to bear. House Matlh are repeat offenders and we must demonstrate that this activity will NOT be tollerated."

The judges quickly confered, then one said, "We will take a recess to give the accused a chance to marshal their defence. The Lockdown of the FHew will remain in place. No Transporter or radio signals will be allowed in or out of the ship and any crew will be arrested."