IKC FHew Tour

The corridor seperating the Bridge and Command Sections from the rest of the ship.

The control hub for ship's operations.

Briefing Room
A meeting place for VIP and Command staff.

Secure room for prisoners.

Captain's Quarters
Sleeping quarters and ready room for HoD Ro'.

Cargo Bay
Storage space for transport items.

Cloak Room
A sealed room containing the augmented cloaking Device. Not to be confused with the Head.

Crew Quarters
2-3 man accomodation for crew.

Direct access to the Warp and Impulse engine systems for maintenance (hah!) and frequent repairs.

EVA Suit Locker
Storage of sealed space suits and armour.

Where the infirm are quarantined until they revive or die.

Interogation Room
Where prisoners are taken to be... questioned.

Where the live food is stored.

Where the crew gathers to consume food.

Science Lab
Primary interface to the computer core.

Sensor Control Room
Serves as science lab and advanced sensor control station.

Torpedo Bay
The room containing the Forward Torpedo Luancher.

Transporter Room
Personnel Transporter that can be adjusted for cargo up to 4 metric tonnes.

Weapons Locker
Storage room for rifles and heavy ordinance.