2nd Lieutenant Tameka Harris   

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Character Information
Name   Tameka Harris
Rank   2nd Lieutenant
Position   Chief Security/Marine Commanding Officer
Gender   Female
Species   Human
Age   22
Physical Appearance
Height   5’ 7”
Weight   149 lbs.
Eye Color   Brown
Hair Color   Blonde
Physical Description   With her slender build most marines tend to think she can't pull her own weight or pack a punch. Relying on simple physics in hand to hand fighting this might be the case, still, Tameka has no problem in bringing people three times her weight down.

Other than this she resembles the stock human female. The only noticeable mark on her body is the tattoo on her wrist with the words 'Semper Primus', the personal motto of the marines aboard the USS Valkyrie.

On duty she wears the marine duty uniform, in combat she wears her marine armour rather than Klingon battle dress
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Because of her lack of combat experience she has yet to develop an emotional shell between her and the rest of the universe resulting in her often losing her temper, striking out at others. Usually Tameka has a rather pleasant nature and a strong moral compass.

In combat she tends to be 'brave', in other words reckless with little thought of personal consequences, acting on impulse when situations arise.
Strengths & Weaknesses
+Determined when she puts her mind to it

-Lacks Experience
-Somewhat short fused
To rise in the ranks of the Marine Corps
Hobbies & Interests
Weapon maintenance, harmonica playing
Languages   Federation Basic,Hungarian
Other Family  
Born on Earth in Gárdany, Hungary Tameka had a rather stable family life, good education and no lack of friends. However simple planet life was rather boring in Tameka's opinion. With her parent's graces she joined the Starfleet Marine Corps at the age of seventeen.

She wasn't the best in class but she wasn't the worst, she was average which was somehow coming one of her traits. Upon graduation she spent some time on the USS Daltmire as a general duties marine officer, seeing little in the way of combat. However her big break came when her regiment was picked for duty. Spending some small time as an Assistant Platoon Commander she was picked by Taylor Lucas to serve in his 'Litter Squad', the Marine Commanding Officer's shock team and 'go to' people.

However with her lack of combat experience as well as overall experience he 'advised' her to join the FHew, working with it's commander behind her back to get her on the roster.


Service Record
2381-Starfleet Marine Corps Officer Academy, Cadet
2385-USS Daltmire, Marine, 2nd Lieutenant
2386-USS Valkyrie, Assistant Platoon Commander, 2nd Lieutenant
2386-IKC FHew, Marine, Exchange Officer, 2nd Lieutenant


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