IKC FHew 7C6110

The B’rel class has an impressive history. Although she is small she is surprisingly resilient, and rated for atmospheric flight, unlike most other craft. While on paper it looks like she would be unable to match large ships it is important to recognise that both the original Enterprise and Enterprise-D were destroyed by a lone B’rel craft and some Klingon guile. It is a mistake to under estimate her, and few enemy do so twice.

Unlike Federation Starships, the vessels in the Klingon Armada do not conform to a constant internal design. Many of the key elements are the same, such as the location of Bridge and Engineering bay, but there exact layout can differ majorly. As such there are few graphical representations of the inside of a Klingon Bird-Of-Prey. If a Starfleet officer wishes to get a better understanding for the feel and layout of such a vessel we recommend the video log of Cmdr Riker’s experience on the IKC Pagh (“Matter of Honour”, ST:TNG). Here you will see the spiral ladders that are used to move from deck to deck as well as the heavy bulkheads that replace the usual Starfleet doors. The rooms are almost always small and cramped, and difficult to move around freely; more like a submarine than an office area.

In the Ship’s Tour we will introduce a number of the rooms in text form so you have an idea of their function and where they are on the ship. This layout may also be found on the Deck Listings page, though the graphics provided area guide only. A certain amount of freedom is provided since most action does not require you to detail the path you take from the bridge to engineering, provide you avoid terms like, “He left the bridge and walked straight into…”. Almost all rooms have separating corridors at least.