Sogh Germite Ephilom   

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Character Information
Name   Germite Ephilom
Rank   Sogh
Position   Medical Officer
Gender   Male
Species   Human
Age   30
Physical Appearance
Height   5’ 10”
Weight   180 lbs.
Eye Color   Blue
Hair Color   Brown
Physical Description   Germite is a little over average height and has defined muscle tone.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Germite grew up under the constant threat of attack from the Cardassian Union. When the Federation ceded worlds to the Cardassian Union following the Federation - Cardassian War, Germite grew disenchanted with the Federation values and ideals. After more than a decade of fighting wars and battles, Germite has become jaded. He no longer has grand plans and dreams. Germite just lives one day to the next.
Strengths & Weaknesses
+ Competent Medic
+ Able Fighter

- Alcoholic
- Poor Team Player
To survive one day to the next
Hobbies & Interests
Drinking, boxing, Germite is a fan of individual sports, ie he's not a big team player.
Languages   Federation Standard, Klingon, Cardassian, Bajoran
Father   Sion Ephilom
Mother   Mara Ephilom
Brother(s)   Hugo Ephilom
Sister(s)   Verse Ephilom
Other Family  
Born on Marva IV in 2350. Germite grew up under the constant threat of attack from the Cardassian Union. When Germite turned 15, he was trained as a medic. Upon completion of his training in 2367, he was inserted onto Bajor to assist the resistance. When the Cardassian Union withdrew from Bajor, Germite accepted the offer to continue with the Bajoran Security Forces as a medic. This didn't last long because Germite saw the Federation giving the Cardassian Union Federation Colonies. He left the Bajoran Militia and joined the Marquis. In 2373, he fought alongside the Klingon Defense Forces against the Cardassian Union. He left with them when they pulled back. After that he drifted from mercenary group to mercenary group, until finally ending up aboard the IKC Fhew.


Service Record
2365 -- Trained at the Marva Institute of Emergency Medicine as a medic
2367 -- Successfully inserted onto Bajor to assist the Bajoran resistance
2369 -- Transfered to Bajoran Militia continuing as Field Medic
2370 -- Left Bajoran Militia and joined the Marquis
2373 -- Escaped from impending capture with KDF forces
2374 -- Begins career as Field Medic for various Mercenary groups
2380 -- Hired as Field Medic, IKC FHew


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