Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope   

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Character Information
Name   Terri (Tell) Hope
Rank   Soghla'
Position   Chief Engineering Officer
Second Position   Executive Officer
Gender   Female
Species   Human
Age   28
Physical Appearance
Height   5’ 5”
Weight   0 lbs.
Eye Color   Blue/Grey
Hair Color   Dark brown
Physical Description   Small and sprightly. Thin and flexible enough to squeeze into the most narrowest of engineering spaces. Her dark brown hair is short and spiky with eyes that can turn from the greyness of humour to the coldness of steel. Except for her ears she is almost elfish in appearance. Her fingers are long and slender. At the nape of her neck she bears a half moon crescent scar a remnant of a battle which she nearly lost and keeps it as a reminder of that time.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Calm under pressure but can be very firery at times and bad tempered. She is not someone to be crossed or taken lightly. She has had to fight for what she is today being a girl and the youngest in a family with four brothers.
Strengths & Weaknesses
She is a born Engineer.

To have her own ship one day.
Hobbies & Interests
Engineering is her life. What more is there?
She likes to dance
Languages   Starfleet standard
Father   Telgarth Hope
Mother   Threasa Hope
Brother(s)   Allan, Kliff, Brett and Jamie
Other Family  
Tells family had long ago emigrated from England to South Africa, first starting off in Cape Town, staying for a few years in Johannesburg, travelling through to Zimbabwe and eventually settling in Zambia where her father worked as an engineer in the copper mines. By that time they had had three sons Allan, Kliff and Brett. The last pregnancy had left Threasa weak and she was advised not to have any more children but two years later Jamie was born.

When they were old enough they each followed in their fathers footsteps it was expected that they would be engineers and work in the mine. Telgarth ruled over his family they were all expected to do as he said. Jamie hated being an engineer and would have preferred to have followed in his mothers footsteps of being an artist. She had been a well known artist before she had married but Telgarth had all but beaten that out of her, Jamie worked on his art in secret and with his mothers help. One day he would leave all this behind and have a life for himself.

After having four sons, twelve years later Threasa Hope gave birth to a daughter and called her Threasa as was the family tradition for the first born girl of the family. The pregnancy didn't go very well and the baby was born two months early. 'A scrawny little runt of the litter' her father had called her. Two days later her mother died of complications and Telgarth blamed the baby for the loss of his wife. Her brothers adored her but her father kept his distance, Jamie was besotted with her and took over the parenting role. His father relented and let Jamie stay at home to bring little 'Tell' up. Tell was weak after being born so early and had faced a few operations but Jamie was always there for her and her brothers were her constant playmates.

Tell didn't progress as well as they had hoped, every day activities often left her exhausted and weak, so she was taught at home. Her brothers were her teachers and whilst they taught her about engines and math, Jamie taught her to read and write to appreciate and learn music and to paint. Doctors advised that she learnt how to dance that this would be good for her bones and her spine and she might enjoy it too. Again it was Jamie who drove two hours a week to take her to the nearest town for dance lessons, stayed with her and would practice with her and from an ugly duckling lacking in confidence and self esteem a swan began to emerge.

When she was five she was already tinkering with machinery. As she grew up she was stripping down engines and putting them back together again she was a natural engineer. She continued on with her dancing learning all aspects of it and her strength grew. She then taught her brothers how to dance so they could take their girlfriends out. Doctors said she would never be tall but at 18 she had managed to get to 5'5 and that would be it she had been lucky.
A visit into the copper mine had convinced her that this wasn't what she wanted to do for the rest of her life and on the day she was offered a scholarship to study at a dance academy something happened that changed her life forever.

The mine had been sold two years ago and a different company had bought it, all jobs had been saved. The new company were greedy and charged more for copper than the previous company had. They had also made some cut backs and one of these had been on safety.
Jamie was about to go with Tell for her interview when they felt the ground begin to rumble under their feet, they knew immediately what had happened. Bags were flung and they raced for the door.

A new tunnel had collapsed and Jamie one of the first on the scene had to be held back until it was safe for the rescuers to reach the stricken miners. But it was to late. Her brothers and her father had died in the accident.

After the funeral dazed and shocked, Tell woke up one morning to find that Jamie had gone. Left her a letter that just simply said he had to leave and that she do the same and find her own dreams. He'd left her some money to get by with and so she left Zambia in search of him.

Sinc then until now she has worked in civilian engineering starship yards gaining her qualifications and her experience. She still looks for her brother and if she hears about a Jamie Hope she moves on to that place or planet in hopes of finding him again.

Three years later she married Gerrat Jones a Welsh engineer that had been on the same engineering course that she had. She fell madly in love with him, he was the first man to show her any affection at all. She was so naive, she was beaten almost senseless on her wedding night just for disagreeing with him over something so trivial. She threw her wedding ring away, left as soon as he was asleep packed and left the planet. She would never let a man get the better of her again.

It was in one of these ship yards that she came across the FHew..........


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