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Character Information
Name   teHbach woq'wI
Rank   Ne'
Position   In The Wings
Gender   Male
Species   Klingon
Age   30
Physical Appearance
Height   6’ 2”
Weight   220 lbs.
Eye Color   Brown
Hair Color   Black
Physical Description   Your standard Klingon male, Tall and muscular. teHbach has excellent muscle tone. Besides his muscles tone teHbach has many scars on his body as a result of altercations he has been in in the course of his life. Due to a drunken night teHbach has a tattoo on his back in the language of the Skin Walkers but as teHbach does not know any Walkers he cannot translate what it means. (See pictures)
Personality & Traits
General Overview
teHbach is a reserved person who has taken to quietly observing people in recent years. This is just a facade, under this shell of quiet reserve teHbach is a kind and caring man who would do anything including sacrificing his life for any of his crewmates. teHbach craves respect but he wants to earn it through deeds instead of actions resulting in hollow glory or ascension by combat. He also deeply desires a command of his own but again, he wants to earn it instead of simply taking one.

teHbach has a troubled past as he has fallen out of favor with his father as his views differ from those of his families. The family woq'wl has extreme political and military aspirations and are avidly trying to gain a seat on the High Council. teHbach shares the families military aspirations in so much as he wants a ship command of his own but that is as far as their views and desires align. teHbach has absolutely no political aspirations and has been shunned for his views however he has not been removed from the house, instead he has been kept on as a warrior and still trying to bring honor to his family in his own way.
Strengths & Weaknesses
+Strong Warrior
+Excellent Tactical officer and strategist

-Absolutely no science ability beyond use of a Scanner or Tricorder
-Little to no Medical ability (Can put a bandage on a wound so that he can return to battle)
-Has some trouble fitting in with other Klingons as he is mostly a quiet and reserved person (see personality), also due in part to experience with long drunken nights which he can still not remember the events of, namely one which resulted in his tattoo (See appearance and pictures)
teHbach Craves respect but wants to earn it, teHbach wants to command a ship of his own one day, to bring honor to his family and the Empire
Hobbies & Interests
Languages   Klingon, English (Federation Standard), Some Andorian
Father   Kabarann woq'wl
Mother   Askade woq'wl
Brother(s)   Older - 35: Sogh'la Azhurlar woq'wi, First officer of the I.K.C. B'Roth
Sister(s)   Older - 34: Sogh Arizhel woq'wl, ChefiiEngineer of the I.K.C. Norgh
Spouse   None
Children   None
Other Family   His crewmates
(I'm kinda making him up as I go along so his bio will be updated periodically with the new information as will his personal history. Please be patient this character is one that will be developed over time.)


Service Record
(Ranks to come when I find out his rank)

  • 2368: Joined Klingon Defense Force as a Marine: Training
  • 2368: Graduates from Training and assigned to the I.K.C. Qaw'Dun as (Position to come when rank is issued)
  • 2374: Transferred to I.K.C. Somraw as (Position to come when rank is issued)
  • 2376: Promoted to (Rank to come) and transferred to I.K.C. Vo'Quv as (Position to come when rank is issued)
  • 2380: Transferred to I.K.C. FHew as (Position to Come), promoted to (Rank to come)


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