Difference between Nephilim and Battle suits

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Title   Difference between Nephilim and Battle suits
Category   Out of Character
Author   HoD Ro' Matlh
Posted   Thu Nov 25, 2010 @ 11:31pm

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It is important in your posts to remember the Miletans had TWO sorts of suits. First there were teh body suits which fitted themselves to you and fedd impulses directly to the brain. They had HOD and translators and it was wearing one of these that gave Tell her memories.

There is also the Nephilim (No 'U') which are 3 meters tall, wiegh a couple of tons and are basically slow moving weapon platforms. We have 1 Nephilum and none of the battle suits on board. The rest were handed over to the Klingon Starport.

Please be aware of the difference when you talk about things like 'stashing the Nephilum' or 'grabbing a suit'. The idea is we only have the one and it is more vehicle than suit in terms of size and mass. If you need mental images of what i am refering to, i have found a number of YouTube sites that give an impression of what I am talking about, so just ask.

Thank you for your attention to detail in this matter.