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Category   General News
Author   HoD Ro' Matlh
Posted   Tue Mar 08, 2011 @ 11:02pm

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There are some job vacancies in the Task Force at the moment. I know most of you have very strict limits on time or have your own command and already know about this but you may like to be a reporter, Task Force Infobase Director or a Task Force Recruitment Director?

These positions are open to all members of the Task Force, Commanding Officers and Simm crews. The positions available are:

Task Force News Director-

Description: The Task Force Reporter is responsible for interviewing and compiling stories from sims across the Task Force and presenting either a monthly or bimonthly publication to be posted on RSB as well as distributed to the Task Force. Applicant should have a passion for writing as well as interviewing members in a creative way. Furthermore, this position will be responsible for helping to distribute Canon information developed by the Task Force Canon Committee.

NOTE: I would personally like news items from around the TF published on the Prometheus News site when it is accepted into TF86.

Task Force Infobase Director-

Description: The Infobase Coordinator should be comfortable using Wiki software or willing to learn. The coordinator will need to assist commanding officers create a presence on the Bravo Fleet Infobase, as well as keeping the Task Force Infobase up to date with the most current ship and commanding officer information. Coordinator would also be responsible for updating Task Force Canon.

Task Force Recruitment Director

Description: This position serves to bring new members and Commanding Officers into the Task Force as well as assist current Commanding Officers to bolster their ranks. Task Force Recruiter should be comfortable using Fleet Resources as well as outside resources such as Yahoo Groups, and RP sites.

Please identify your interest to me and I will forward your application by 21st of this month.