Awards are here!

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Title   Awards are here!
Category   Website Update
Author   HoD Ro' Matlh
Posted   Tue Mar 09, 2010 @ 11:06am

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Finnaly the chance to be recognised, and to recognise others, for their hard work and diligence. We have awards that we can nominate for people. Please take the time to have a look at them and think about some people you think may qualify for one or more. You should all now have at least one award (for original cast members) and a few will soon become recognised as members of House Matlh.

Awards are designed to be used as a means of recognising hard work when promotions would be inappropriate. They also recognise work of the players as well as the characters. However, I will not be giving them out for free. Have a look and get nominating.

La' Ro' Matlh