Ensign Israna Haan   

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Character Information
Name   Israna Haan
Rank   Ensign
Position   Observer
Gender   Female
Species   Trill
Age   21
Physical Appearance
Height   5’ 6”
Weight   160 lbs.
Eye Color   Green
Hair Color   Blonde -Dyed Red
Physical Description   Normal build and height for a female. Israna originally had very long blonde hair down to her waist, just like what her mother had, but dyed her hair red and cut it short after joining the Starfleet Academy to try and help block out her memories from her past. Wears basic make-up to balance her skin and trill markings. Israna has dark green trill markings down each side of her body, from head to toe. On the ship she wears basic female uniform, grey stockings a boots. On the field she wears tactical black clothing and helmet to hide her fierce red hair and to blend in with the shadows.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Israna is usually quiet; only talks when is spoken to. However, on scouting missions or on the battlefield, she will make tactical commands towards her troops for any situation. She was respectful to others and did what was best for the team so her family would be proud of her. This eventually became too emotionally stressful for her and her mental health and she decided to change for good. Now she is a red head tomboy with a good vision and a sharp tongue. Doesn't talk about herself much, especially not about her family. Most Trills from her colony and neighboring colonies know Israna because of her mother, though people are befuddled to why she hasn't taken her mothers place in her own colony. Israna will try to pull every trick and excuse not to visit her home planet as it will bring back emotional scars and pain.

Israna has cat-like reflexes and is very agile and quick, enabling her to strike someone from the shadows without being seen.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Strengths - Incredibly accurate with a Sniper Rifle (or any weapon which has a zoom lens on it). Hand to hand combat. Using a knife. Blending in the shadows and stealthy killing.

Weaknesses - Hatred of Klingon's. Any non-scoped gun or large melee weapon, such as a sword, etc. Anyone who is better then her using a Sniper Rifle.
Become a joined trill.
Hobbies & Interests
Hand to hand combat.
Languages   English
Father   Iseli'Roak Haan
Mother   Ranali'Hex Haan
Brother(s)   Len Haan
Sister(s)   Zelia Haan
Other Family  
Israna was born the youngest into a wealthy Trill family. Her father, Iseli, was into science and her mother, Ranali, was an inspiration in her colony as everyone used to look up to her for guidance and advice as both she and Iseli were joined Trill. In 2373, While Klingons and Federation were at war before the Dominion War, the Klingon attacked her colony. Israna’s parents and her twin brother and sister died during the attack. She was the only one of out her family to survive. She was only 11 at the time. She was found in a critical condition and rescued by the Federation star ship, USS Jericho. Israna spent a while in psychology to try and forget her past as she was traumatized for a few months, and was sent to an adoption agency. However, she but rebelled against being adopted as she only wanted her family. When she turned 14, she gave in and let herself be adopted to a human couple. They treated her well until the memories of her past crept up on her. By the age of 17 she forced herself to leave her family and set out looking for answers. She joined Starfleet Academy and learnt and specialized in the use of a Type IIIb Phaser. She demonstrated such precision and accuracy with the sniper rifle that she astounded her instructors. Israna applied to Trill for a Symbiont, but was refused because of her troubled history. If she wanted to become eligible, she had to overcome her hatred of Klingon’s and gain more life experience. So it was, in 2383 that she decide to enlist herself on a Klingon vessel.


Service Record
2362 - Born on Trill colony.
2373 - Attack on her colony by the Klingon kills her family right in front of her, later burning her house.
2373 - Was found by USS Jericho and taken into Psychology care for a few months
2376 - Adopted to Human parents.
2379 - Applied Starfleet academy.
2381 - Graduated with first class honours in Security.
2382 - Applied for Trill Host program. Rejected.


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